Shaming this dumbass in corsa

Hey guys, this happened a few weeks ago.

On my way towards the blackwall tunnel and I go to change lane, but as I go to do my lifesaver check, the shadow of the truck puts me off. Seconds later this idiot comes racing through and the the wake of wind caused by his car really pushed me… he literally came out of nowhere!

Looking at the footage, what speed do you reckon this moron was going at?

One for Rusty me thinks

Whoops just seen your other video, you’re a regular …


maybe they needed a pee :smiley:

Maybe he was just getting frustrated by people like you hogging the outside lane when not overtaking, rather than shame him tell us why you are in that lane. :slight_smile:

I was going to say the same thing but I doubt that shitbox would have got to that speed but sitting behind them and doing the undertake. He probable had his foot floored the minute he left home. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree the Car driver is in the wrong, but you still have to give yourself a chance. Even the lorry in lane one is going faster than him. His reaction to this was to ride exactly the same as the car driver that undertook him. If he had been in the correct lane at the start none of that would have happened. I have watched some of his other video’s and they all have the same theme to them. I just think his time could be better spent looking at his own riding.

Just based on the video I have looked at, fellow on bike has done nothing wrong. Tit in the Corsa should be shot, that was seriously dangerous driving.

Just what I was thinking. Lane discipline in this country is a joke. You never get that abroad.

The interenet is a funny place isn’t it.

Someone posts a video of a driver, clearly driving like an utter tool, so what do we do? We crticise the person who took the video, because their lane discipline wasn’t very good…based on a 1 minute video clip, despite the fact that he said he was about to move back into the lane when he did a shoulder check and saw the car…


I think the point people were trying to make was that the possible reason behind the corsa’s actions could have been that this person was in lane 3 going slower than the traffic in lane 1 when lane 2 was clear, he made an attempt to move over but got spooked by the shadow of the lorry and not the corsa itself, I think that was the point the corsa may have got pee’d off and undertaken, doesn’t excuse the corsa’s actions but might explain them.

Except of course that you can see the Corsa approaching from behind, in the mirrors, at an alarming speed.

Besides which, it isn’t as if the motorcyclist in the clip is in the outside lane…alone. There is a car right in front of him.

For all we know, because the clip isn’t very long, he was accelerating in the outside lane, encountered the car ahead of him, sitting in the outside lane, and then after awhile of the guy not moving, decided well I might as well move back into the middle lane.

Yet none of this is included in the deliberating of pointing out “errors” of the rider, despite the obvious errors of the car driver.

To be honest, it is the internet all over, and I would have hoped that a motorcycle “community” could do better.

Kaos, clearly some of the bikers here need to work on their OBS! You got it correct though, the guy ahead of me slowed me down, by which point I decided to change lane, glanced at a very brief lifesaver, saw a shadow and thought someone was there, turned out it was just a shadow of lorry in lane 1.

The thing I think people have the problems with is the filtering, but those complaints are probably just from arm chair riders sitting in their nice warm homes waiting for rain to stop before going out.

wey hey!!!

popcorn time!

Also for those whose observations are really rusty, those two magic windows on either side of the bike allow you to see behind you! What’s that you say?? Sorcery?! No, they’re just mirrors, but if you use them, you can clearly see the corsa speeding down the centre lane before he even gets anywhere near me. He was driving too fast at the time to be able to see and judge his speed in them, but they give a good example in the video of how fast he was going and how my “lane discipline” (or being held up by the moron ahead) had nothing to do with his speed, actions and dangerous driving.

Mark, this is a game of devils advocate. People love this game here…

Maybe he was an advanced driver and had completed his IAM last weekend.

Must have been one of those IAM-a-c*nt courses he took.

touche’ ! :smiley: