Shame: WEMOTO parts online been a week that l am waiting for some basic parts (like oil filter!) and no delivery so far

status of the order: PACKING

no reply from sales support

wont shop again

they’ve always been excellent for me. nearly always get next day delivery without requesting it

I’ve had probably many tens of quick and good orders from them, and they’ve dealt with returns pretty well. One bad incident seems an oddly low threshold at which to write off a company, but that is the nature of the Praise/Shame threads here. You’re likely to very quickly run out of places to buy parts with expectations that high, though.

Yeah had many a good order from there - always pretty rapid to pack and dispatch. Bit of a shame you’ve had a bad experience, hopefully they can resolve it.

I’ve always had quick deliveries from them. Quick stuff like oil filters I usually go to Hell-fords, or order in advance.

Never had a problem with them either and always next day or 2 day delivery.

I’m lucky to have them at a 5 min drive from work… though every time I have ordered online in past three years has been spot on. Occasionally every company can get things wrong, hope they rectify this soon.

Was the oil filter a very particular one? When you ordered did it say if this was one they would have to order in?

SHAME: A12 … mad man in car. Will NEVER use that road again … or come to mention it the M11 … or A120 … or M25 … or …

The only time I had a small issue with wemoto, I phoned up and it was sorted straightaway. Always good service from them so I can’t imagine why there would be a delay in packing. Phone them.

I’ve purchased from wemoto 4 times and all have been great, your particular experience must be an anomaly based on the good feedback everyone else has  - sorry to hear that nonetheless :frowning:

called me and apparently order is NOW on a way. lets see. still - dont think will use again. 

Oh dear… The struggle of modern society and the need of instant satisfaction

Used Wemoto loads over the years and always had rapid delivery. If I have ever had a problem or questions I call and ask.

Another one to say I’ve had loads of good experiences with them, probably should make a prase thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame Volvo they don’t make em like they used to


I phoned them for a chain that I needed next day. It was there and for a good price. No issues. Used them loads of times before and have also had to sort out returns etc.  They have been excellent with customer service as well.

+1 praise for world’s end

Praise Wemoto, always on time, I ordered my engagement “o” ring from them and it was there the next day and fitted a treat.

Paula, looks like yer life is doomed to perpetual bad luck.

Mind you now Theresa May is in charge, you can look forward to a life of milk and honey, unless yer lactose intolerant or have an anaphalactic reaction to bees.

Dearest Paula, we`ve never met you.

Perhaps now is the time in the age of Brexit to make yerself known and explore the delights of the English countryside in the company of strangers.

As Dryden said,

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