Shame the s**t out of furniture village

So, this bunch of delinquents eventually managed to deliver my new mattress!

When the guys delivered it they quite literally obliterated one of the light switches in the house! My problem is not with them or the fact they did it, they’d had a long day and were genuinely apologetic about it.

However I have now spent 4 days trying to get someone at Furniture Village to talk to me to get it sorted and not one person has contacted me! no one from the store, the regional manager, the depot no one! I’ve just sent an email to the CEO of FV to see if they can do anything.

annoyingly the tinterweb it peppered with people having nightmares trying to get anything sorted with them so not holding my breathe! hoping a bit of bad publicity will get them to sort their s**t out…

I have actually had a couple of decent experiences of their delivery guys, quite recently too.
However, when I tried to get hold of the depot to check on delivery slots, they didnt answer the phone at all.
Have you tried contacting them on twitter?

I also have their depot number if you need it - you might have more luck than me.
Otherwise, cant the shop you bought it from help out?

Hey Wes,

yup been on twitter, the lady looking after the account again has been as helpful as she can. Seems all the foot soldiers are helpful, start moving up the food chain and the interest seems to be lost very quickly.

if it is the dartford number I’ll take that please.

Because everything in FV is compartmentalised it’s a ball ache. So the online team cannot help if you buy from a shop, shop cannot help if you buy online.

Shop cannot help as it is down to depot for deliveries etc. never known anything like it really haven’t.

01322 479700
Good luck trying to get hold of someone though.
If you do get hold of someone, dont let go until they get you who you need, or else you will never get through again!

Small Claims Court. I guarantee that’ll get their attention and if it doesn’t you’ll have the fun of sending the baylifts in :grin:. I did that to Flybe. Hilarious!

I’ve normally found Twitter provokes good responses. Maybe they are too dopey to understand what bad publicity is. Have another go, don’t say anything slanderous or libellous, but lay out the facts and express your disappointment.

and maybe tag a watchdog or some other party who may have an interest

I think this post has done it! just taken a call from the warehouse manager who is arranging an electrician as quickly as he can.

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We bought a mattress for around £1700 as I have a bad back. Felt fine in store. Couldn’t sleep on it over the first weekend. Too hard. They have a returns policy which is fine… if you buy online. If its in store, tough titties mate. It’s yours.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the mattress, I love it!

I do have an issue with them damaging my property and doing nothing to try and put it right…