[Shame] Shocking Service at Blade Honda Abingdon

Update: after complaining and complaining I received a lot of apologies and promise that everything is going to be sorted today and I’ll receive all the details by 5pm. Hopefully this can end in a better way as it started to look like.

As some of you know, I’ve just purchased an R6 in cash for over £10k from Blade Honda Abingdon.

Before payment everything seemed to go smoothly except a bit of confusion around the history of the bike. One person told me that the previous owner bought it and returned it in a month because he had a change of work circumstances, another told me it was because the previous owner’s wife became pregnant. Not a huge deal because I can’t validate it either way… so I went ahead as the bike was in acceptable condition to me.

After payment, the salesman (Ian) no longer gave a shit about me or the service he gave. My R6 has a seat cowl, but as part of the deal the salesman agreed to give me the original seat they had out back too. This is important for me so I have the option to take a pillion or strap luggage to the back without worrying about the paint on the cowl.

Since the salesman said they couldn’t find it, he’d ship it out to me in 2 days time. Great.

In 2 days time, no update about shipping, only numerous messages in my emails from the salesman asking me if I wanted to take the gap insurance. No mention of the seat.

So I call him to ask where it is and when I’ll get it. He promises to send it out after the weekend on Monday. Delay in shipping, not ideal, but I accept it.

Monday comes and goes, no contact. I call at the end of Monday to be told the salesman is actually on holiday. I send an email to the salesman so that he sees it when he’s back the next day.

On Tuesday I get a reply from him that states “I’m going back through my emails and will contact you soon”. Shock horror, I get no contact.

I’ve just got off the phone with the salesman this morning having been talked down by him in an aggravated manner. He told me that he would check with parts as to where my seat is, completely ignoring that I’ve been promised two dispatch dates so far and neither have been met.

Further to his defensive, aggravated tone, he proceeds to tell me that I shouldn’t tell him how to run his business upon me questioning why the faster payment refund (which should take 1 business day max, looks like he’s used BACS) for the gap insurance still isn’t with me 2 days later. He abruptly finished the call by telling me he’d get back to me about the seat in 10 minutes and hung up on me.

I’m never going back to that Blade again. Clearly they don’t give a shit about the customers, only their bottom line. It should be to their loss in the end.

If you do go there, I strongly recommend you don’t buy from Ian. He clearly just cares about his sales performance, not about you or your experience.

That’s really unfortunate @iamfabio. Obviously it shouldn’t be that way, the shops should care about the lifetime customer value and experience. I was never a fan of Metropolis motorcycles for this very reason, they had an awful attitude (since closed down).

Hopefully you get your seat and that’s the last you need to see of them. There’s no end of other shops that will value your custom.

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I’m really sorry that your experience of Blade Abingdon has confirmed my impression of them @iamfabio

Although it’s my nearest big dealer, I won’t go in there anymore because I’ve either been ignored or talked down to when I’ve been in there previously. I ended up going further afield for my current bike and I can’t rate the customer service from my chosen dealer highly enough.

You need to ditch the R6 and go Kawasaki :wink:


A bit of kindness, politeness and care goes a long, long way, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Blows me away the amount of people in customer service who don’t realise that.

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You have to wonder how some companies remain in business. I once decline a test ride of a bike because they said if I was gone longer than an hour they report the bike to the police as stolen.

Gee, I wonder why they no longer have a Suzuki franchise and are out of business.

Sounds to me he’s not got the seat and he’s making excuse after excuse until you give up on it.

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Ditto. Why didn’t Ian simply apologise and say the seat is lost and offer you a brand new one instead? I wonder if that is indicative of their after sales service too.

Finally after three days, calling two times a day, I managed to get the GAP money back.

Next up is the seat. As usual just multiple excuses for something that should be straightforward. If nothing arrives by Friday I’m going to visit on Saturday.

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I bet he’s either kept the seat himself or sold it.

If memory serves me right That Blade group shop was in Reading and it moved to Abingdon. It is\was a Honda and Ducati shop side by side. A few years back when I owned a CBF 600 I took it their to get an MOT and a service and they were very dismissive and short. didn’t have much of a choice cause I just moved to reading and didn’t know of any other Garage in the area.

I just don’t understand horrible customer service.

If I play devils advocate for a min, there are some asshole customers out their that just take the piss and waste the time of sales reps, but it is easy enough to know the difference especially if it is someone who has given you their business.

my money surely don’t grow on trees so a lil respect when I part with it is appreciated.

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Last update from today and it looks like it’s a trip to Oxford for me:


TBH they have not gone yet. It seems we do not have a system in place ATM and I will have to pay for it out of my own pocket. I can do this if you prefer but it’s certainly easier for me if you collect them.

Please let me know. Sorry to be a pain Fabio


What an absolute joke bloke

That’s really taking the p and is incredibly unprofessional of him to try and guilt trip you into picking it up yourself. A decent salesman would’ve just accepted that they’d made a mistake and just posted it out to you regardless of the cost to themselves.

Get it posted out with tracking and THEN take a bimble up to glorious South Oxfordshire to show it off.