Shame Scorch - Yes really

My track bike had a number of issues. I have thought long and hard about putting this up but i feel its only right.

They were all small, but there should not have been any errors, it cost me both riding time and money in Almeria and could have costs alot more.

I have spoken to Tim and to his credit he has offered to rectify the issues but the truth is they should not have been there in the first place as he has acknowledged and it has seriously knocked me confidence in his ability.

Scorch has a sterling reputation on here and i was someone who helped with that and so i feel its only right i flag a dip in the quality of his work. So do make sure that everything is as it should be if your getting your biked serviced by him.

I have not doubt his work will go back to its old standard and we all make mistakes, but as i said i felt it only right to mention it as many of my good friends from here get there bike serviced by Scorch.

Noone is perfect, so with this in mind make sure you double check everything is as it should be.

Safe riding kids.

fair play for sticking your head above the parapet.

fixed that detail for you.

Good to see he is Human after all!!!

and Top Marks for posting this, It’s safe to say Tim won’t lose any customers over this incident as hi’s reputation will see to that, but it’s always good to give someone a kick up the Ar5e if they fall behind.

Agree with the above; however apparently he has been unwell for the last week. …wish him better.

Agree with the above; however apparently he has been unwell for the last week and I wish him better.

you really still raving on about this!!! i believe a good and proper explanation has been given to you in many ways.

you are my friend Rixxy but so is he. i totally understand your point but i have heard both sides and this is totally unnecessary.

i cant mention all the times when i went to reputable garages with fully qualified mechanics and came out with problems. dangerous ones. much worse than yours. take this as you like.

silveR6, if he feels obligated to post about any problem (no matter how big or small) after a mechanic has left them on his machine he is perfectly entitled to do so. Scorch is liked by many people here and I very much doubt this single thread will do anything to drive away his already loyal customer base.

And just because you have had issues with other mechanics doesn’t change a thing. If I go to work and don’t perform as expected I get a pull, same as what’s happening here.

And massive respect to rixxy for being the one brave enough to say something, I’ve seen too many people highlight issues on this forum and get run down by 10’s of other members because it’s the old boys club.

Its definitely a tough world being a mechanic; some things not always in your control can conspire against you and make you look a berk. Fair play to Rixxy for posting, as LB is clicky and ranks are closed on any contrary view, but I’m sure Tim is robust enough to survive criticism

Didn’t someone post something recently about scorch’s work and get shot down in flames? Didn’t that thread actually get locked by the mods? Hmmm…

This is about balance, people have the right to make a balanced opinion of someone’s services. And this only happens when they can see the good and the bad. I doubt Mr Scorch will loose many customers for a couple of bad reviews. After all most of the guys here praise him and probably with good reason.

Rixxy a bit of detail of those issues that did not go well after your visit to Scorch, would help.
SilvR6 this is a public forum and people have all the right in the world to express their views with respect, so whether you think the post is necessary or not, it’s irrelevant

I’m keen to know what went wrong.

Curious… What were the issues rixxy?