shame: post office

I queue for 45 minutes and then I been told they do not accept parcel to Italy anymore. next time will be in 2009 :w00t::w00t:.
this is very very very bad service compared with other European countries.

I understand that this time of the year they are busy, but at least they must accept the post and delivery it at they own time or when they can, or at least put a notice outside the door about this.


i didnt know the post office could afford to turn away business

they might hope in getting public money in case of further crisis !!


Errrmmm…have you tried posting in Italy…not to mention Romania , Hungary and quite a few others??? Truly dreadful although I agree the PO is not perfect:D

Posted a letter special post or some such thing to SA. Pretty much the same as recorded where you can track it (in the UK and on delivery at the other end). Left the UK in double quick time and then … Took over a month in SA to get from the airport to the residential address.

Agreed tho I could do without the queues, but I get more annoyed standing there looking at the 10 other booths that are unmanned.

got parcels and letters from Italy to London - took 3 days normal post

yesterday I just wanted to post a parcel in Italy, I did not mind if it took 2 days or 1 month to arrive to destination, the shame was that the post office did not accept it, the last day to accept parcel to post to Italy was the 11th (I found out it later on website)… I believe this is against the European legislation. How can they refuse to increase their business? Anyway I solved the problem with DHL, it costs just a bit more, but at least I did not spent 45 minutes queueing at Wandsworth post office.


The queues in the Post Office are year-round. If I need to send something I take my lunch hour early and resign myself to spending at least the whole hour waiting in the queue at the PO.

I suppose it’s just that at this time of year we are all in more of a hurry and I think the person on the other side of the counter is more often than not thinking about what to wear to the Christmas Party rather than customer service.:slight_smile:

so basically its not there fault that you queued and was told that you missed last post date for italy.

Sounds like at an airport when some1 gets there too l8 for there flight and its the airlines fault.

not quite the same …you dont expect to be told they arent even accepting it !..also wouldnt be hard to have put a notice up to avoid 45 mins queueing

i was in the que for 65 mins the other day!!! it was out the door… xmas rush every ones going mad:hehe:

not really a good comparison, because when you buy the ticket you know when you are going to travel!! there wasn’t any information about it at the door. I also ask if I can post it another day within 2008. their answer: NO.

a good comparison could be: you queue outside the restaurant (the people in the restaurant know that there is not food, but they do not saying anything) and when is your turn there is no food

another you queue for the doctor (paid by public money) and when is you turn, the doctor just say he does not want to visit bikers, without letting you know about it while you queue!!

the bad point is not me not having sent the letter or having queue for 45 minutes. the problem is that Post Office in not efficient and they don’t do anything to improve it. If they were an efficient and responsible company they would have accept my box and my money and send it when they could. maybe the lady there was thinking about xmas dinner and did not care about her job


Eman how long had you had the parcel for, maybe you could have taken it to the post office earlier…

As for putting a notice up outside, i thought it was common knowledge that the post office have cut off dates for parcels over christmas?

With regards to the queue and it being all year round, i have got to agree as it happens in the banks as well, especially at lunch time. You would have thought they would ask staff to not take their own lunch at these times due to excess customers. Surely if they took lunch at 11-12 and 2-3 there would be enough staff to cope…

You queued for 45 minutes?? Why didn’t you filter?

so thet should list every country its too l8 to send too?

would you be moaning if you only queued for 10 mins?

hahaha nice! :smiley: