SHAME - Performance direct

What a bunch of non caring people!

I Phoned them the tell them NOT to renew my policy, they then subsequently renewed my policy and took the direct debit from my account. I phoned them to ask them about this and the bob said sorry we will refund the money and cancel the policy - fine.

However 20 days later and with no refund i get a snotty letter saying as I cancelled the policy they require over £100 !! if i don’t pay them they will use the credit card they have on file… so i phoned them, spent 20 mins waiting to be told the person who deals with this had gone home and they would call e the next day… a week later and no call so i called them again waiting 15 mins to be told ‘oh yeah just email use a copy of your new certificate and we will sort it’ then 30 mins later a get the call back from a week ago - well i told the bloke what I thought!!!

Could not organise a p!ss up in a brewery!!!


No experience myself with these people, but the policy of renewing insurance automatically is flawed. Good for those who dont want to go through the yellow pages every year, but the insurance companies know there is no loyalty nowadays and this is a way of keeping your custom, like it or lump!