SHAME: Motorcycle Store (Shepherds Bush Road) / PRAISE: Hammersmith Motorcycles / SRS

Hi allThought I’d share my experience with “Motorcycle Store”. I booked in my bike with them for a service last week and did so on impulse as I was in the shop buying something else. Dropped it off on the agreed day and eventually received a call from them at about 4PM at which point they listed a number of defects with my bike. Alongside replacing the air filter, plugs, oil change etc (which I understand are part of the normal service) I was told the chain and sprockets needed replacing, as did the clutch cable, that the bike needed tuning up as it wasn’t running ‘properly’, amongst various other items.So, they had originally indicated my service would be about £150, which I thought reasonable enough. “So mate”, I say, “How much will this set me back?” to which the response was £690 including VAT.Having only just paid £2500 for the bike less than 2 months and 2000 miles ago, I was stunned at the possibility of having to pay the best part of £700 on repairs. The bike had 4500 miles on it when I bought it early June and has done 6500 now.I rode straight over to Hammersmith Motorcycles / SRS Motorcycles (whom I have used in the past when I used to have a 125) and booked it in for a service. I asked the guy to come and have a quick look at the C&S and he was happy to do so. I didn’t mention anything about the visit to “Motorcylce Store”, but he told be straight out that there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with the C&S and he showed me how to check it myself. He said it probably had another 6000 miles in it. Additionally he commented on how clean and tidy it was and how it has evidently been well looked after (it’s a 2002 bike).I dropped my bike off with them this morning and have just picked it up. It cost £110.00 including VAT, which apart from being a bargain in my opinion, was SIX TIMES less than what I could have paid…!

I had bad experiences myself with Motorcycle store and would never use them again. I bought my bike off them but would never touch them for servicing or clothing.

Heard nothing but bad reports from the Motorcycle Store, had a bad experience myself. SRS are great and reasonably priced, so hats off to them down there.