Shame: MCE Insurance

My bikes are insured through MCE. Some of the things they fail to make very clear to you when they are selling you the policy as I have found out personally over the last two weeks

No courtesy bike unless your bike is a total loss. Even then it’s only for 5 days. And only one incident per policyHelmet and leathers does not include trashed textilesHelmet claim will only protect you for up to £350 out of which £100 is a compulsory excess ( if you have excess protection on your policy , this bit is not covered) and depreciation will be taken into account. You are also required to provide photographic evidence, a receipt if your helmet is under a year old and you will need to post it to them, at your cost. So essentially they want to make it not worth your while to claimThey will use 4th Dimension as repairers. If you want to use your own repairers, you’ll have to pay for it yourself and then go though a long drawn out process to claim it back from MCE which I have heard from a friend of mine has a 50% chance of not succeeding.

yeah, you only realistically get a courtesy bike if someone else is involved and they know they can get the money back off them.

All of the above are reasons why I go elsewhere! Try Carole Nash - they’re usually pretty good

Aye, was with MCE once, try getting a proof of no claims letter from them when you leave … 10 calls later. awful company.

Interesting to read

On the helmet and leathers to be honest it does state it very clearly in the policy documents you get. On the phone it does depend who you speak to but they did mention it to me… they covered my trashed textiles but then my helmet was part of the same claim.

Never had to prove the year old clause on the helmet.

Is the repair to be claimed back through 3rd party? When I was going through it they never tried to force me with 4th dim. But as I ended up claiming straight from the 3rd party’s policy, I just took it to Steve Jordan and the 3rd party paid them directly…

And NCB They just sent it to me in an e-mail.

What I have discovered with this company is that it is pot luck who you get on the phones… some are absolutely the worst people ever, with lower IQs than your average turnip… Others are pretty good at what they do and get you sorted there and then.

Green - Don’t take a courtesy bike, mate. Its a bloody mine-field! Just save your travel receipts and present it to your solicitor (A good one, like White Dalton or similar).
Red - Same again. Total up the costs of your damaged kit and send pics and receipts to your solicitor. You’ll get your money back this way without these dramas

Experience? Done it twice before due to previous mishaps. Though its worth noting it was in 3rd party claims.

Unfortunately there was no 3rd party involved. It was a bad road , raining, late at night and rider fatigue quite simply. Hence no point with a solicitor. Anyhow, lesson learned. Will go through T&C with a fine toothed comb next time!

The person I got on the phone was a novice. She told me it was her first day

i got a courtesy bike from them and had it for 1 month and had no issues with mce ever must be a hit and miss .

I’ve had problems with this company in the past. wouldn’t touch em.

Same here the helmet and leathers things was quoted quite clearly to me on the phone. But then the woman I spoke to about my renewal was very good, went through the whole process in under 25 minutes and that included her going off to ask her manager about reducing the quote as the one she gave me was above what had come up on their website a few weekes earlier. I was very impressed but then I haven’t had to claim so far.

I think the whole thing about how it’s hit and miss with their call staff can be supported simply by the fact I got a few quotes from them (on the same day!) and not one was even close to the other…

They ranged from £750 - £2,500… :slight_smile:

Last june when my 2010 r1 was stolen i had the delight of making a claim with mce… omg what a total load off cnuts, they took so long and got so many things wrong and even fkd the payment up making chq out to wrong name 2 times, paid less than going value and wouldnt entertain pictures etc to show condition.

My advice is steer well clear of mce and big fkn ed grrrrrrrr

I would not let 4th dimension any where near my bike
They take parts off your bike they want for them selfs , can damage bike more as don’t care for it and when do repair can do a piss poor job
And as they also sell written off bikes under another company name that’s linked to them they have a conflict of interests and will write bikes off they would be fairly cheap to repair

I don’t have an insurance with them, BUT , since last week, when I was trying to get a quote , they are calling me every day . I already told them that I’m not interested anymore, already blocked few of their numbers … But they keep going…

I hate these kind of people that just don’t understand the meaning of NO.

They seemed to be like one of those companies that they are very open to new clients , but when you have a problem , they are never there.
I know I had something like this with Sky TV. IF you go for Live chat and choose New client, there is always someone to talk with you . If you choose Existing client , no one is there… :slight_smile:

Yup they are very persistent… had a rash once which was as bad :smiley: