Shame - Honda Chiswick and Praise - Tippetts Tolworth

Took my Honda into Honda Chiswick for a MOT. They failed it and quoted me £995 for various work including a new chain which had been replaced new 6 months previously.

Came out, rode to Tippetts and they passed the bike first time! No fuss.

Yeah got to watch Chiswick honda, never had a good experience there and considering i live near by and go to farnham it kind of sums them up!!

I should add there sales team are pretty good!

What model / year Honda is it out of interest???

Clearly there is something wrong somewhere and this should be taken up with the relevant authorities. I know Tippett’s of old and they never passed a bike I put in to them for an MOT!

This really should be in the relevant section.

However I have to say that my experiences Chiswick Honda aren’t Satisfactory. Shame Slocombes and Lloyd Coopers are no longer Honda dealers.

Why, Lloyd Coopers serviced my Honda in Watford for 4 years up until this autumn and did a very good job.

In regards to the chain - 6 months won’t matter if you do high mileage/don’t oil enough/adjust enough! But Chiswick Honda are main dealer prices - as in they are mainly a car dealer so assume they can rob bikers too!

But you can’t buy a brand new Honda there any more. They are now Kawasaki only.

I know but they will still service it for you.