Shame - halifax Bank

What a bunch of time wasters they are… while back card got munched went in to find out apparently i had report it stolen Er no, why would I be in complaining it ate my card if I reported it stolen lady behind the counter did not care!

just tried to transfer some money from one account to another, I have the details of one so ring them up, no you need the details of all the accuonts your moving around, this never used to be the case again did not care…

will be moving banks now, as not only do they have the worst internet security, they charge me more than any other banks for an overdraft, on top of this they make it impossible to move money around.

No wonder they are state owned

Not totally state owned I have shares in them . Worthless crap but I do have them .

Majority share at 80% though as they are part of the RBS group

Halifax have lost thousands of customers due to there new overdraft policy of charging £1 a day for using your overdraft.


I left them aswell