Shame - Halfords Ring Low Note Car horn

Fair it might be my fault as it is Car horn not Motorcycle horn. However it is utter rubbish, after first rain it stopped working, so after a bit of drying come back but quite bland and let’s face it quiet.

The dB of it was 97dB, which is pretty much of idle noise around bike so when I was riding, more reasonable was to rev than honk.

Here you can find it on Halfords webpage, please think twice before you spend this £10 (mine was £6.50 manager special), after further inspection all elements underneath the plastic has been covered in fair amount of rust.

Back to stock Triumph horn, 101dB so about 2-3 times louder by human perception of sound.

I have placed order for something 130dB but I’m worried that it will share experience of Halfords horn.

In summary: not water resistant proof, casing not resistant to elements, poor quality.


you sure its the horn or the feed to the horn

100% Sure Sir.
Swapped horn, get all the stones and sand off it and it is now in the bin.
It is working fine up to 97dB, so is perfect if you have mobility scooter.


Ally might need it then.

personally I go with the stebel magnum or something similar. it’ll scare small children

well looks exactly the same as this which broke. :frowning:


Go for the stebel, I have one on the S1K and it does make people jump :smiley:

Here’s what I have on the Bonne’

Note they come as a high/low pair for under £7.00 ebay wotsit here

They are very loud, sprayed the orange bits black to make them look less Harley and more invisible, wired them in using the existing Triumph horn wiring to switch a relay wired to the battery via a 10 amp fuse.

No problem with water either, check out Andy’s Remembrance Sunday video, the Bonne is the last bike across :wink:

You have horn’s just below headlight, my one is just above ground, I show you next time.
And problem is to mount two tones :(.
But yes these ones would be the best option.


Get yerself some nice illegal pipes (130Db) and you don’t need a horn!

Seriously I have given up on Halfords - Crap products + Surly staff = Avoid!

I feel sorry for Halfords, 4 years ago I was checking their “Return if you don’t like it promise” so 4 sat nav was checked before I end up with one, which will be up for sale in few minutes :slight_smile: