Shame - Halfords in Brixton

I know this isn’t a motorbike shop - I actually went into buy a push bike. Although the store was not busy, it took ages to attract anyone’s attention. I finally asked the shop assistant which of two bikes was better. The conversation went like this:

Me: ‘So what’s the difference then between these two bikes?’

Him (pointing to the most expensive one): ‘Errrmm - that one’s more quality innit.’

Me: ‘So why is it better quality?’

Him: ‘Ummm - looks like it’s got a more comfortable seat.’

Me: ‘Anything else?’

Him: ‘It’s got a mud guard innit.’

Me: ‘So if I wanted it would you be able to fit some lights and do a service etc?’

Him: ‘Well you can’t have it anyway.’

Me: ‘Err why?’

Him: ‘Cos we haven’t got anymore in stock, that’s the last one. You’ll have to go to another store and get it.’

I think if Halfords went out and took some random strangers off the street and taught them how not to sell something, they might have better luck!!

Halfords are generally shite.

Thats why i left! :wink:

The pay was too poor to keep anyone thats any good. Very top heavy payroll. Find a manager, they’ve normally got the training in all departments and wont treat you poorly.

Go to Brixton Cycles they are pretty good from what my mate says.

I popped into the Brixton branch over the weekend and I was waiting for the girl to scan my items (I was the only person there) and she was too busy having a convo with another staff member about her weekend to serve me. I was stairing at her and she saw me a couple times and still did nothing. I had to ask her if she was on a break or not as she should be doing her job and leave the talking for her lunch break. She was not best pleased about being told off. SLAG!:angry:

I bought a bicycle from halfords (Fiern Barnet) just over a month ago, 2 days in of riding to work and nearly all the teeth had broken off one of the cogs/sprockets. Took it back got it fixed, left it a few days before riding again went back out on it and the rear wheel just randomly started wobbling from left to right! took it apart, couldn’t work it out so returned it to them for a refund.

Still haven’t got a new bike yet but if I do there’s no way I’m getting it from halfords!

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You sure it wern’t Ali G? Ragga Muffin?

Julie, you know me love you an truly, from head down to mi goolie.
You turn me on with your big Babylon :slight_smile:

halfords are a joke, they employ anyone. However there are exceptions, there are a few old timers who have been there years generally that are great.

I worked for halfords for 3 months, got two staff discount cards, a trade card and left and they paid me for another 4 months after :cool:

The Brixton Branch of Halfords are crap. I once tried to buy a motorcycle battery charger from there and it took ages to find a staff member to assist, even though there was hardly any customers in the shop, and the bloke did not have a clue about the product. Currys next door in that complex are equally rubbish - so maybe they use the same Customer Service Training people :slight_smile:

I think the specialist shops are better, as you say, Brixton cycles maybe the way to go :slight_smile:

There are some specialist cycle shops on the south side of Croydon you might want to take a look at, I think there are three big ones on the road between Croydon town centre and Purley. Can get further details if you like.

And there’s that one near Streatham Common and Norbury that sells the yellow and black jerseys that lots of proper cyclists seem to wear. It’s on the A23, on your right just after you pass Streatham Common heading south.

I know the one your on about deveers cycles or something.

Very friendly & helpful any time I’ve been in there.

That’s the one. If I was to buy a bike I would probably get it from these guys.

Also there’s a good place near Embankment tube station, opposite Ocean Leisure. Another shop worth trying is the small one in Nine Elms, the same side of the road as Sainsburys but about two hundred yards in the direction of Wandsworth.

Sounds like an equally bad experience i had in Currys.

Was having a bit of an argument with this guy (well, my mum and i), and then when we got our way the guy just let out a huge ‘Sigh’ dragged is knuckles along the ground to go and get it from behind the counter.


Went in recently to get some sparkplugs .
Manageress and assistant were too busy moaning about their computer to even acknowledge my existence.
Manageress said loudly “we don’t do bits for motorbikes!” and then turned around and went.

I asked assistant if he had a conversion chart for sparkplugs (I had the NGK number but they sold a different brand ), answer “No!” Then he p*ssed off too.

Had to phone the missus to look it up on the internet - got the right plugs and then saw, on another shelf a chart that showed the plug specs and the right plug I needed.

I collared assistant and asked him why he didn’t tell me … he said

“You said you wanted a conversion chart - that’s a specification chart”

AAAAARRRGH … I gave a right bollocking to the blanker ( no swear words though) .

Now when I go in the staff give me the right run around and surly treatment - feck em.

MFI remember them? Well I bought an entire kitchen from them however I couldnt get one of the drawers to go together. Went to the largest store in the area as I figured they must have someone who builds the displays. After 30 mins of being ignored or fobbed off I found the display of the same kitchen pulled out the drawer threw my bits in the hole and walked out! No wonder they went out of business.

ooh yeah , anyway wats a duchess doing in halfords? there is daycocks in lewisham try them they have a few shops and do cut deals on decent bikes and know what there on about