(shame) FWR TYRES, SE11.

This is a ride in/ride out tyre shop and the prices are very competitive.

Some time ago now I took my R6 there for a set of Dunlops. I then took my bike for it’s MOT. Bike failed it’s mot on account of “severely bad wheel alignment”.

The rear wheel had been replaced well and truly squint!!!, by about 2.1/2 notches! So I straightened the wheel and the bike got it’s Mot.

About two weeks later I started getting vibration from the front at high speed. On inspection I discovered that the weights had fallen off!!

So back I went to FWR to get my wheel balanced. Told them about the squint wheel episode and showed them the front. I had about 4 of them all staring at me with a sot of “so why you telling us?” look.

Geezer number 1 then wheeled my bike out of sight, then re-appeared with it about 4-5 mins later, and pointed at the newly glued on weight.

I left feeling something wasn’t right, and after some thought realized that the wheel hadn’t been removed, balanced and replaced, no-one could have done that in that amount of time, geezer had just glued a weight on and wheeled it back out again. The next high speed blast confirmed this.

After that I decided never to go near the place again and would “name and shame” them at any oportunity.

1 more thing. When the tyres were done I also had the rear brake pads replaced. When they wore out again I replaced them myself. Discovered that FWR man had replaced the pads without the shims, he’d chucked em away with the worn pads. Probably could’nt be bothered changing them over.

Unfortunately, I too have been a victim of their poor mechanical service. I go back as they’re cheap, but I have to watch what they do, as it would seem they’re not too competent. The first problem I had was with my K4 750, I had new tyres put on, the day before a trackday, rode home, got off bike and noticed that the rear caliper hadn’t been put back into the guide-rail properly, so had come loose, rotated around the wheel, held in place only by the hose, which had been stretched and pissed fluid ALL over the rear of the bike, including my new tyres!

I took photos of it, then me and a friend spent our driving time (to the track) cleaning it all up, reinstalling the caliper and re-bleeding the line. I sent the photos to FWR and they apologised, giving me free fitting and new brake pads when I went back for tyres. This could have been very dangerous!

The second time, with my K5 1000, the mechanic was under the belief that he needed to push the pads back into the caliper to get the caliper back onto the disc (I have never had to), but he pushed too hard and blew the top of my race-reservoir setup off, throwing brake fluid all over the bike and losing the line pressure. He came to me and made tried to make ME feel like I was the one who was in the wrong for having this setup. He didn’t apologise, and nor did he rebleed the line. I was very dissapointed by this experience.

So now I watch everything they do with eagle-eyes, they cannot be trusted. I do most of my own maintenance, but this is one thing I cannot do, so am at their mercy!

This opinion is that of me as a member, not an opinion of LB.

To avoid this i buy loose tyres and take my wheels to my local shop whom i trust 110% and stick the wheels back on my bike myself. It seems like a lot of hassle but i prefer it and have the necessary equipment.

I actually still have the pictures. You can see below, the hose all stretched, and leaking, and the caliper way out of the vertical position it should be.




Jay thats really bad. I can’t believe how some places treat people.


Jay you were lucky man, These people should not be in the job after putting peoples life’s at risk!!! thanks for the info

i use them as they are local but do check every nut and bolt when i get home as i found loose fork pinchbolts by accident once. had new tyres fitted thursday for Ring trip and nearly fell off at Elephant and Castle roundabout which was unusual and thought about tyre pressures.The last 60 miles to the ring is twisty so gave them a good scrub in and seemed to be working well so didnt bother checking until sunday pm, 48 in rear. It had been parked up for 20 mins and was still warm. Must get another pressure guage and check when cold just out of curiosity.

It seems they don’t care at all about safety, only in shifting units. FWR are not alone in this, I’ve had plenty shabby work done before by others (though FWR are the worst so far).

It seems to be a London wide ailment, (I’m not acusing ALL places of being incompetent here), where people seem to get away with it and have a “plenty more customers where he came from” sort of attitude.

In fact I’ve even come across mechanics who think it’s all quite funny, and if a woman goes anywhere near them with a bike they just completely take the p**s.

Maybe it might be worth ringing Fwr and asking them to read this thread. The front end on my R6 has never been the same since they got theyre hands on it.

It’d be interesting to hear what they’ve got to say

I’ve heard some bad things about FWR myself, like fitting tyres the wrong way around. I had a look on their web site, the tyre prices are damn cheap though. just don’t get them fitted there…

Can I add my moan!

Last September I took my hornet to FWR for a new front tyre. I was asked to get a coffee in the waiting room for 10 minutes whilst they fitted it. Five minutes later I heard an an almighty crash which sounded like a tool chest falling over. It turned out my poor bike had fallen on the floor where they hadn’t secured it properly to the platform on the hydraulic lift. Fortunately no damage to the engine, it was purely cosmetic. The front headlight and fairing were cracked and the rear brake lever bent in a peculiar position. I turned on the waterworks, told them I worked for a huge law firm and they promised to fix the bike back to its original condition. Fair dues, everything was fixed to a high standard (even gave me a fireblade as a courtesy bike) and the hornet looked perfect but I’d never go there again. It was late on a Saturday afternoon and they were itching to get home, hence probably overlooking one minor point, securing the bike to the deck!

I always heard good things about FWR via Visordown etc, but now…never again.

I was lucky, I got away with a scratch rim. Had two new 014’s fitted and they scratched the rear wheel slightly. Noticeable to me, but nothing major. I went back in to tell them, and didnt recieve much of a response - apart from the raised eyebrow that said “so what, do I look bothered”

Couldnt prove it was them so didnt have a leg to stand on.

Think I’ll buy from them and get the tyres fitted elsewhere, even if it costs a few extra quid. Glad I didnt let them fit the brake pads now, although thats a job I will NEVER pay someone to do, far too easy.

Sounds like a fair firm. Replacing stuff and making good. Just muppets doing the grunt work.

Christ, I use them and must admit that I’ve not had any problems but I’ve had no reason to keep an eye on what there doing. I will in future.

Not used them myself, but for peace of mind I always go over my bike after any work has been done.

Best prices in the country though and I’ve shopped around… They buy tyres in bulk from Spain I believe where they are manufactured and are cheap as chips. Imagine that in Italy the tyres cost double of what they are here.

I’ll buy mine at FWR and get them shipped over. Thank God they can’t come and fit them in Milan!

Now I’m going to check my tyres to see if they didn’t put them on square last time

Where are you Alberto? Are you in Italy? I have been on a long trip around Italy on my Fireblade and needed tyres in Rome. It was really more expensive then in UK. I didn’t have any choice as my total trip miliage would be well over 10k miles. Had to pay the price…

First time I went there they put my rear Maxxis on the wrong way even though had a big direction arrow.
Next time they fitted a rear I just happened to check the axle bolt when I got home and it wasnt even hand tight:0
When I told them they laughed and offered me a hobnob as compensation (not even a chocolate one)
Went back one more time and they lost my speedo magnet off front disc
I will never go back there
Can anyone recommend someone in London?

check further in thes section - MotorcycletyresUK are in east London. Great if you can make the trip.

Call vince on: 01792 795144

I got diablos F&R £159 delivered. Only thing is you have to sort out fitting yourself. I got charged £10 per wheel for loose wheels.

I buy tyres from there but have them fitted elsewhere -they’re great for buying from tho…housemate did take 2 wheels to get tyres fitted and the young dude tried for about 10 mins to fit a front tyre to a rear rim before realising it was never gonna fit…

I heard from another tyre fitter that he never balanced bike wheels as they shouldn’t need it…