Shame - Frank Thomas

Back in December I bought a two piece set of FT leathers.

First time I go to wear them notice that the stitching on the knee of the pants is coming away - and I haven’t even worn them on the bike yet. Take 'em back to the shop and they exchage them for a new pair.

So all is going okish, though the left knee armour is really painful on long rides. Have a looksee to try and adjust - no can do. They’re sewn in tight, but unevenly (by about an inch) between the two knees, so that’s problem no. 1.

While conducting the above mentioned investigation I notice that the velcro waist fastener is now just hanging on by a thread (and I haven’t had that many big breakfasts at the Ace either!). Problem no. 2 (3 if you count the faulty first pair).

They’ve now been returned and a refund obtained. Two diff pairs of FT pants and on both some pretty shoddy workmanship in my opinion.

Moral of the story: I won’t be touching their stuff again.

So now I have nice new set of Teknic leathers and what a difference. A much better fit and super comfy when on the bike. They’re much more compact and the shoulder armour doesn’t prevent a decent lifesaver like the FT ones did. No more pain in the knee while riding and generally they instill much more confidence while riding.

Same as that, their gloves are one of the worst I’ve ever worn and that’s their Kangaroo skin higher price ones. Very few ppl are happy with their stuff. Spyke leathers or Wolf (my next suit) now fill my wardrobe.

more than happy with my eBay ones:)) 2 pcs think I paid £170 in 2006, Spada.

Stitching in my trousers and gloves keep coming apart… Here’s hoping I don’t have to test them for real before I can afford to replace them :unsure:

never worn there leathers, i wear heine gericke leathers, very very well made, with good armour, had mine nearly 2 years without any probs.

FT Ti knee sliders= RUBBISH!