SHAME: Ebay sellers

Ok so you watch a set of bike luggage on ebay for 9 days, making sure that your bid has not been beaten, intensely watching, keeping one eye on the prize…

then less than 3 hours to go the seller decided that they have not got enough votes on their listing or sold the item outside of ebay.

They send an email to ebay saying they listed the item incorrectly - which is boll*cks!, and the listing is removed.

Why don’t these people set a reserve price I hear you say - because it costs a few pence extra to do it.

Rant rant rant…thanks I feel much better now lol.

A while ago I won an auction of a generator at a really good price (title on the listing was rubbish). I paid straight away with PayPal, and the guy still had the cheek to tell eBay I changed my mind and pulled out (so he wouldn’t have to pay any fees). When I asked the seller, he said “he couldn’t find the generator”. What a waste of time,

search on ebay for forest edge retail. very good prices on bike luggage.

Forest Edge Retail Ltd 01530 838887
Retail of motorcycle accessories

Cheers Dude, will search now.