Shame: BrandsHatchYamaha formally Giant Motorcycles

Purchased a gsxr 600 last august. Traded it in for a 97 bandit 600 (Which they put up for sale for £600 more than I bought it for a year earlier). When I went over the bike before parting with my money, I wsa told that I would get a new shock, new chain and along with that, a full service, and I also paid out for a new screen.

The day came to buy, and being a newb, I saw that the chain hadn’t been changed, and that the new screen they put on was actually cracked, but I thought that the shock, at least, had been changed. Infact, it had just been sprayed. I then filled out the relevant V5 documents and they said they will post it to the DVLA on my behalf when they send theirs. This didnt’ happen, and a few months down the line, I get a letter from said DVLA stating that my bandit was not declared off road and I was now to pay a fine. I have asked them numerious times by both phone and fax for reciepts proving that I didn’t own the bike, and each time they said they would send it…still to this day, not recieved it. Same thing with the cracked screen…a replacement is being sent…and again, and again.

Oh, I forgot about the so called service. Filter, sparks…none of which had been changed…they did fill up the brake fluid though.

Oh, I should hav listened to my gut instinct instead of being starry eyed, becuase when I was there, and signing the papers, they recieved a call, and I overheard a very irate customer on the other end demanding that they send an item which he paid for and the reply was 'they are having problems with their suppliers), same line I’ve had for the past 7 months. I’m surprised they have any stock.

Lessons learnt:

Listen to gut reaction.

Send of any documents yourself.

Never use that shop again.

I feel that I have been fobbed off with lies, and just pure cowboy attitude. But, you live and learn.