Shame- Avsco (Watford)

HI all,

Went up to Avsco this morning to get my WETS put on my loose wheels.

I’ve used these guys before and I sort of know the price (hmmm… bad move)

Anyway, I had the guys put the wets on my spare rims (which involved removing the current tyre and putting on the WETS).

When the rear wheel came back, the guy bought me the rear wheel with the WET on it, plus a front tyre which I didn’t recognize?

Fine you could get a wrong tyre mixed up, but you would not bring the wrong size tyre out (I mean, how on earth would a front tyre fit a rear wheel?)…

So, I inform him that the loose tyre is not the one that came off the rim, so he heads back into the workshop to get it, as I wait I just give the rear wheel a once going over and noticed the WET is on the wrong way. So I go back into the workshop and the boss asks me what’s wrong?, I tell him that the rear is on the wrong way round, straight away he calls the guy who put on the tyre and gives him a bollocking, a bit unprofessional as I’m still standing there.

I was thinking this guy must have just started and you would have thought the boss man would have checked his work before handing it back to the customer…

Anyway, back goes in the rear wheel, another 1hr passes and get the front/rear back. Sorted!

I ask the guy what I owe and he says 30quid, I almost choked!

Yup, partly my fault as I should of asked the price before hand, but as I used these guys before and I know it’s a tenner per wheel (loose wheels).

Also, I had my tyres changed on a track day last week for 20quid (pair).

I just questioned the price to the bossman and explained I have had tyres changed by them in the past and it’s always been a tenner, he answered very inpolitely ‘It’s been 15qud for 3yrs mate!’

Not only was it sky high but they almost gave me my wheel with the tyre fitted the wrong way round!

So, looks like I won’t be going back there again!

Have to say mate I’ve used these guy for the same reason loose wheels ect last time I was there I got wheels ect had the twenty in my hand to give him as normal he says "keep going open that wallet " so ur right mate they have always been 10 quid per wheel it’s like a comedy show in there ay won’t be going back 30 is steep to change loose wheels

A bit late, but here my 2p.

I only use them for getting an MOT, I wouldn’t let them near my bike for anything more advanced than that. The first time I went for an MOT the mechanic was looking at a scooter which wouldn’t start. The mechanic fiddled with a few switches then pressed the starter button, then again, then again…repeat for a few minutes. If it didn’t start the first couple of times it ain’t going to do it on the 30th is it? And this was just a twist & go scoot, who knows what he would do if you wanted an engine rebuild?:w00t:

Should of gone to MSG Racing at Aston Clinton, Shaun only takes a few mins to swap them over.:slight_smile:

This is where i get all my work done normally, its just that i was in a rush:w00t:
Gav and Shaun are top guys :smiley: