shall i phone a friend ?

as of tomorrow, phone companies are required to retain records of all calls we make by fixed or mobile, and make them available to any government dept., on request…and text message contents also.

since this is introduced as a Statutory Instrument it also does not need debate or vote by House Of Commons/Lords.

also in the pipeline is a similar action to make it a requirement for ISP’s to keep records of your browsing history that can then be requested by the authorities.

george orwell may have been wrong about the year; but the UK is still making sure that his prophecy is coming to fruition.


But you can still buy a pay as you go and not register it if you are dodgy? :unsure:

I had better watch what sort of texts I send the old man LOL


Anywhere I can get further information on this?

Asking the audience was always the safer route! :wink:

Cant see anything about it on the bbc website :ermm:

bbc too slow…sky news much better…:slight_smile: