Seven Deadly Sins

1 Pride

2 Greed

3 Envy

4 Wrath

5 Lust

6 Gluttony

7 Sloth

I might be going completely bonkers and maybe all that free time that i got off work is not good for me :smiley: …but i have wondered about seven deadly sins before and the affect they have, i’m not religious and I don’t believe in man made bible and God…however those sins are so true…and time and time again i fall for them…and they are certainly deadly…coming from Russia doesn’t help, as i have traces of my people’s mindset…i’m trying to get rid of them i’m trying to be me i’m trying my background and where i live not affect me. when things happen and i care more about money than whether i’m alive or dead…that’s when i should take a step back. Who gives a **** about money? **** it worst comes to worst i’ll do what Chris McCandless did with more preparation of course :smiley: who gives a **** if i’ve paid a lot already for my driving lessons? i’ll pay more but finally achieve what i want.So what if someone told me and my friend to go back to our own countries? why do i get so wound up? what for? why do i get envious if someone earns more than me? **** it good luck on them. Being angry is not healthy at all, i get so angry my heart feels like it’s about to leap out…and the shakes…like i’ve just been injected with a caffeine

whoever listed those sins was a wise one, if all those sins get taken lightly life becomes so much easier…i wish i could say please God help me to conquer those…conquering those is a true beginning to freedom…for mind and soul.

:smiley: well apart from one sin that i totally agree with - lust! yes, my life is not as it should be because of that one too, but i allow that one to slip through as the highs far outweigh the lows

and on this note i will finish my wacky ramblings on :smiley:

I think you’re absolutely right, and I also think that all of those sins can be overcome with one thing and that is ‘thought’.

Thought before action is very important, it’s great to be spontaneous, but living life like that all the time brings lots of problems with it, so it’s good that you’re thinking about things like this, we should all spend more time in contemplation.

In regards to the whole envy thing, the thing I always ask myself when envy starts to creep in, is this, would I swap my life for theirs, if it meant having what they have? And the answer every time is the same, not a chance!

It’s very easy to get dragged in by the shiny veneer of superficial things, but all you see is a tiny, tiny part of their life. They may have the weight of the world on their shoulders, be ignorant or be a complete ar$e, but you’re only making a judgement on the bit you see. So just as someone has judged you on being from another country and told you to go home, they know nothing about you, yet they see one thing and their mind is set.

So don’t fall into that trap, we’re all guilty of moaning about the things we don’t have, instead of being grateful for what we do have.

It’s a simple lesson, but a very valuable one. I also applaud you for not only thinking like this, but for also posting it up on here.


i feel a facepalm coming up…

i’m bored so my take on the 7 deadly’s :Whistling:

1 Pride… we could all do with a bit more,be it in ourselves or others and even the jobs we do,and some are just gay about it2 Greed… the root of many a countrys downfall,happy with what i’ve got and anything extra is a bonus3 Envy…i’d say i’m average proportions tho not complaining4 Wrath…prefer karma wrath gets you nowhere5 Lust…it’s only natural basic human instinct :D6 Gluttony…thats what zumba was invented for7 Sloth… i’m sure he was in the goonies?

I don’t regard those 7 as sins at all. In moderation they promote a good happy balanced life and opportunities to advance your self.

1 Pride in your work making a difference to someone else

2 Greed to make you go for that opportunity.

3 Envy like greed it motivates you to get what you desire.

4 Wrath sometimes all that matters is a hard slap

5 Lust porn porn porn grab your dick and double click for porn porn porn

6 Gluttony waste not want not

7 Sloth and what’s wrong in relaxing on a day off?

5 & 7 seem fine. We’ll take those:) :smiley:

funny responses i’ve got to admit, keep them coming - it’s entertaining :slight_smile: problem shared is problem halved


@ Anna with the money thing…I sometimes wish I’d been raised to be a bit more sensible with money…but then I remember what my Mum says to me after I’ve booked another tattoo or blown more on bike gear…“well you can’t take it with you” :smiley:

I’ll take a bit of 1 to make sure I keep brushing my hair…a sprinkling of 3 so that I aspire to my next better bike…a dollop of 5 - self explanatory…and a good sunday helping of 7 cause I just love my PJ’s!! :cool: :smiley:

the 8th deadly sin…pointless threads :smiley:

The irnoy of the replies on here where people are mocking the OP is brilliant.

Why is it that people who don’t understand things use mockery as a tool to then try and destroy an idea.?

Just because you don’t get it, doesn’t make it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of a quote;

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds…

ok this post as i understand has a bit of truth and touch of humor and an easy read :slight_smile: however this your post is complete opposite of what i was talking about

Pride - if you over do it, you’d want to keep it, you wouldn’t want your pride or in the case mentioned “work” to be tarnished by anything…so what happens when you have an accident and mess up and it all go tits up? best way of avoiding disappointment is to understand that mistakes happen and no one can be on the ball all the time. hence why i don’t beep at some drivers for their mistakes as that could be me and in fact there was one funny tiny roundabout where i thought i had a right of way because well my brain was just not thinking straight…and it was actually quite funny as she went forward on the roundabout a bit and then i went forward a bit too…for some reason i was defiant it was my right of way until she let me through without beeping or anything else and few minutes after i’ve passed i started analysing why there was this confusion from her side…when i realised i was being complete and utter asshole…quite frankly if i could i’d go back and apologise. considering this i now regret showing a middle finger to this woman who wanted to go in my lane…and could’ve potentially knock me off if i hadn’t been on the ball and my instant response was to swear even though i did see her apologise, i know i could’ve probably been laying on the road or worse if i didn’t beep at her but my reactions afterwards were over the top. i don’t want to be mean or anything but how often do you see a biker letting someone through? i have a lot of difficulties letting people know i’m letting them through due to the fact that some drivers are too scared at upsetting bikers, plus there were few occasions where i could see that “near miss” could have been avoided if biker hadn’t been so stuck up in being right…prefect example is video posted by “tehswerver” sorry mate i didn’t want to use you as an example but few near misses and beeps you dished out could’ve been easily avoided had you realised that other motorists have to make progress too… so yeah i’ve been proud of my riding - not anymore i make mistakes so doesn everyone else

Greed - will make you go for the opportunity? or should i say opportunity that most people don’t want? you know most likely the people who made those “nonsense” posters on my thread many not understand when i say that prostitution is looked down upon as it’s selling your body, but how many of us sell our souls for work that we don’t like, we hate? go for those so called opportunities to feel as we’ve achieved something in the eyes of society…whilst hating every day working…oh those jobs are well paid for sure but do those people enjoy what they are doing? does it sound like prostitution in way - it does to me.

Envy - doing the job that i do i’ve seen loads of expensive houses…lets just say i know how it’s like to feel a deprived through my personal experience and by seeing my friends struggle, and when i used to go into these lavish houses that had swimming pools and their own private cinemas, bar areas…whilst other people are on the edge it made me feel sick and very envious…but thinking about it will i actually be happy if i have what they have? a high from materialistic things wears off quicker than finding a connection with someone…and i’m not even talking about love, i’m talking about people that are free thinkers, activists, selfless and energetic non-conformists…they are the best!! …actually i know nothing about feeling deprived there are so many people that are worse off…i’ve seen an interesting documentary on Latin America recently and how they struggle due to corrupt government and globalization…its quite upsetting to see what’s happening to them as out of all the cultures i would love to get to know their culture more…but hey ho long live capitalism and rich getting rich :doseyes:…i heard that people with higher income taxes in UK now don’t have to pay out as much tax as they have done before…brilliant now they can afford to buy more **** that they wont use and employ more security to protect their the stuff they wont use…great…:crazy:

Wrath - have you ever felt angry…you know the feeling - you’re about to punch someone but you can’t do so for whatever reason…well your own personal well being will be better off not stressing whether you should fight them or not…it’s better to walk away…obviously if’s ur life or death or your friend is being attacked then it’s a different issue…but time and time again…i see that drunk or not drunk people in here actually get off on getting someone else angry and frustrated…

Lust- well it can hurt a lot of people…but my personal outlook on relationships and love differs from majority so i don’t care what happens here. porn is great and what seems wrong seems to give the most pleasure…so whatever i’m not bothered, do humans really need be monogamous? in my opinion love and sex can definitely be two seperate things, in my opinion one can definitely love someone and care for them without ever wanting to have sex with them…that’s what i call pure love, and there is just sex…being with someone and pretending to love them because they give you sex…or other benefits…the latter one is pretty much all the modern day relationships we see out there…people fall in an out of love…that’s not right…when you truly love someone you don’t let them go…love does not equal marriage…love doesn’t even have to be a different sex to yourself for you to love them…they can even be the same sex whilst you can still be straight…sex and love are two different things. Jealousy is one of the deadly things that will ruin a lot of relationships…but thankfully i have different morals so i’m not affected by jealousy at all, but jealousy is something that one should be careful of…jealousy will only push loved one away, if there is any doubt in fidelity than one should eiher end relationship or change the way they think…

Gluttony- :smiley: haha if anything i’ve been too worried about saving money, so this one does not apply to me…if anything i need to live it up a bit…go to odd massage parlour or track day or something.

Sloth- yep, there is nothing wrong with relaxing on a day off…but there is relaxing and being down right lazy which is what i am…there are things i sometimes want to do but cant do cause i’m feeling lazy at that particular time then in the end the only person who’s lost out is me as nothing’s been done. Not being a sloth is actually one way of achieving success desired…its about implementing ideas into practice which i have difficulty with…

anyways for any of my work colleagues reading this yes, i wrote this nonsense as some might think due to being heavily intoxicated on whiskey called “red stag” by jim beam…also please note that i’m posting this at 4pm in the afternoon, i’m also about to have my dinner so by the time i wake up for work i will be sober…so please can i ask you kindly not to fucking call me in my time off and tell me how i should not be drinking as i’ve got work tomorrow, thank you!

hey thanks for supporting me…this may sound like some sort of consiparcy theory but in a way we are being brainwashed to aspire to the same goal…imagine what would happen if people didn’t care about individuality ( i.e consumer culture) and mortgage and matearilistic things…and going out in town spending more money… When we buy things the only person really benifinting from transaction is the middle man…not the hard working supplier…not the buyer getting a cheap deal…but the middle man…anyway that’s it i’m out of this topic!

Sounds like an average day at work to me.