Hi as im fed up of a dealer i might start servicing and fitting after market bits on bikes, iv been around bikes for 20yrs now so know a thing or two. So if you need your bike serviced or bought some bits you want fitting ring me, im not doing this to make money so labour charge will be low. Let me know what you think, this will be done at weekends and evenings.

Thanks Leggy

where about’s are you mate?

That’s jolly good of you, and I might even take you up on that at some stage. cheers.

i just might take you up on that some day. thank you.

Im in Middlesex near Ace, im not out to rip people off but honest work. Heres my email [email protected] or 07732581195. Hope this sorts some ****ty dealers.

Quality…will prob need that umber @ some point

dont blame you mate, bought a new gsxr 600 and it never seen the dealer ever agein, only when i wheelied past ha ha

So if you get the bits il fit them, tail tidts, small indicaters or just advice give us a bell !!

HI Mate i’m thinking of fitting stainless steel brake lines on my Honda VFR800 2001 What do you think and can you do it?