Serviced the V2 and RS 660 today

Performed an oil and filter change service on the Ducati V2 and Aprilia RS 660 today. Ready for their first trackday of the season in a couple of weeks. The Aprilia was a cinch to work on. The Ducati, not so much, heh.

Had to buy a new torque wrench for the low rating on these, and took a while to work out you need to use two bolts to push the oil filter cover off the engine block on the Ducati. That was a little frustrating.

The Ducati has a loo-roll style filter that sits in the engine. Quite cool, but nowhere near as accessible as the simple, old fashioned Aprilia method. Got the Aprilia done in no time. It needed no more than the 2700ml of oil the specs state, bonus.

The V2 specs state 3.8L of oil needed, but it took 4 before showing below the minimum level after idling the engine. I’ll take it for a tootle round the block tomorrow to see if it needs running, not idling to get an accurate reading. Hesitant to add more in, in case I end up over filling it. That said, have ordered another litre, as I’m all out.

wheres your first trackday?

im looking to book one to take out the CBR for the first time

It’s at Cadwell Park on the 26th. Crossing everything we have for adequate weather!

Really hope you dropped this a few times etc with all that metallic debris on the end

Nope, that’s as it came out. 940 miles on the clock. 340 of those miles on trackdays last year.

Sign of your (lack of) age there, that you think the spin on filter on the Aprilia is the old fashioned of the two!

I’m with Tim, that is a concerning amount of metallic debris on the sump plug.


It’ll be fine, I’ve seen far larger masses of swarf hanging on a magnetic sump plug at the first service. Swap the sump plug for a non magnetic one and let the oil filter catch the swarf and you’ll be none the wiser. Trust in the tolerances of modern engineering and advancements in engine oil technology.

The problem I see with a mass of swarf hanging on a magnetic sump plug is if it should ever break free, which would mean a massive lump of abrasiveness swimming around and causing untold premature engine wear.

On the other hand if there wasn’t any swarf in the sump oil what would be the point in having a magnetic sump plug?


Not every bike off the production line is made perfect. Just speak to Aceman about his Triumph.

And you don’t want to find out on a track and your conrod punches out the casing because the conrod cap has let go.


Also, for context, this is only the second oil change. Will keep an eye on the level of shavings on the next change.

talking of torque wrenches! I need a new one, the wife dropped mine behind our cupboard and it would be less effort and cost to get a new one…

Damn. Strong magnet on string not an option?

Maybe one of those magnet fishing magnets might work, as it is in it’s case so a normal one would probably not work :frowning_face:

This being said, mine it not remotely as posh as yours! if I’d lost one of those I’d probably have ripped th kitchen out…

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