I am new to bikes…trying to learn things…may anyone kindly explain to me whats the difference between minor service and major service?
my bike is 9450 miles at the moment…im planning take it to do a service check things around after I got it repair by myself. But dont know if I should do major service or minor service? do I need valves clearance or fuel injection nozzles clearance? sorry about my english on the names for bike parts…:ermm:
At the moment I heard SBK city at North London is good, is there other places people would recommend? my bike is Honda cbr600.
any advices would be appreciate.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

You need to check what’s required within the bike’s maintenance manual. The service schedule and what’s required should be clearly listed, and varies for each model. Can’t help you anymore than that without knowing more about what bike you have, its age, etc.

I thought SBK is in S London?

Why not go to the OMC and learn how to do it yourself?

Generally I would think the difference is something like what I describe below:

minor: usually checking and cleaning air filter, plugs, oil change, fuel filter(?) chain tension, check hydraulic fluids

major: (as I see it) would probably be all the above but more comprehensive to include checking valve shims (requires removal of head or tappet cover), change cam belt (unless uses chain), replace fluids, replace all of above such as plugs (where a minor service might just clean and check gaps/cleanliness etc) check C0 emissions, yada yada

basically the minor will mostly comprise of things you can quite easily do yourself imo. the major probably requires some or all of the following: specialist skill, knowledge, tools, parts.

that’s how I see it.

Super simple answer as i am asked this question daily !

I’ll be cheeky and add a link to a website i have made to help answer your question.