Service & Repair Cost Guide

Hi All,

Its been a while since i posted here so i hope you are all well.

I got into an interesting discussion with my cousin recently about garage prices for servicing and repairs and after a quick google search realised there was almost nothing on what you would expect to pay for certain services for those who aren’t really in the know.

Of course it differs dependent on make, model, location, etc. But i thought perhaps with the help of fellow London Bikers we could put together a brief guide on some of the essentials or at least some examples of what people have or usually pay for things like;

Full service of a 600 (maybe further broken down into class i.e sport, naked, etc.)

Full service of a 1000

Brake pad change for a 600


What are people’s thoughts?

Service costs shouldn’t vary too much across models/brands a service should be a service and should cost about the same like for like. By that I mean engine size by cylinder, if you’re comparing a single to a four the costs will vary but if you’re comparing a four cylinder motorcycle to a four cylinder motorcycle costs will not vary too much across brands, models or engine capacity. Some points to consider
Main Dealers have higher labour charges than independent dealers.
Qualified mechanics have higher labour charges than grease monkeys.
There’s no such thing as a full service, costs would have to be compared against a service schedule.

Even then when looking at specific items costs will vary according to how the job is done. For example the cost of a brake pad change will vary dependant on what brand and specification of pads are used and what other work is included with the pad change. I do all my own servicing and with a pad change I’ll also service the calliper and disks while I’m there. Partially ejecting the calliper pistons for cleaning, removing the gunk line and to ensure they move freely, Cleaning/greasing the pad retaining pins, clips and springs. Refitting bolts, pads etc with a smear of copper grease. Freeing off the disc bobbins. Bleeding off a little brake fluid to check its condition at the business end and to top up to the correct level for the new pads.

Things like brake pad change, you should do yourself. Dead simple and you learn to check and clean your brakes more often. Oil change is 1/2 hour job with a new filter. Simple stuff to learn and saves you £50 a hit in labour charges each time. OMC is a good place to go and get acquainted with your steed.

Generally I think the cost of labour in London is around £50-55 per hour. I’ve not done any other services apart from the “mandatory” mileage ones. I think I paid around £170 for the first MT-09 service and a bit more than £200 for the second (3500 miles). It seems to be cheaper with Suzuki as my second service cost me £155 (first was roughly the same IIRC).

I know your question wasn’t quite about this but it should give you a rough idea of how much it costs to do a few simple things on the bike.

GSXR 750 K6

Service kit £60, oil, lubing £25 to £50, 2 hours dealer rate say £70 per hour (even though the job experience bod does it)

Parts £100
Labour £140 plus £28 VAT
Expect to pay full RRP for parts that need replacing.

Independents may be lower labour rate and pass on discounts they receive on parts. Note some interim services are only oil change and inspection and only worth paying for if you need warranty. Other may add for valve clearance takes a while so labour is high beware dealers that have a fixed charge that includes valve clearance but the take view its not noisy so don’t do it but still charge.