Seriously touched

Well folks all I can say is thanks for the comments ref my crash. Just to let you know that it takes more than this to keep me down. I have a broken bone in my right wrist which will be in plaster for 6 weeks apparently. I had a lot of damage ato my left calf muscle and left knee and ankle took some grief as well but nothing broken. I have bruises in places that I did not know you could get them!

My helmet is mangled, jacket has torn through in places, trousers also have gone through. At the end of the day they did their job, without having had the kit on I would be in a very bad way if I was even here at all.

The bike is still in the van as I am incapable of moving it. I shall post pics when I get someone to get it out for me. The front wheel is back by about 8 inches, radiator has gone, body work split apart. Screen is split straight through and has a few chuunks missing. Nose cone is seriously scraped up. Subframe is bent. All panels are scraped up badly. Clutch and Brake reservoirs are mullered. Headstock has been ground nicely by the tarmac, bike has slid along upside down. Its definately a write off. Fortunately fully comp insurance so hopefully shall not be too painful.

Great thanks to Duncan (Biggus) and Justine (Storm in a D cup) for helping me out. I may not have a bike for a while but I shall still be thinking of you lot and hopefully I shall get to the Ace one Friday in a few weeks time.

Hope you all keep safe out there and rubber side down.

Just glad your in one piece mate. You can buy new bikes but last time I looked new body dealers are in short supply. Hope your fixed up soon.

No worries mate, glad you’re not (too) badly hurt

Btw my bike taxi rates to the ace are v reasonable

Hey Chuffster, good to have you back online! Is there any news on how the accident investigation is going with the Police? Did they get witnesses, cctv footage, or anything helpful? What’s your recollection of it? All the best in getting man & machine sorted!

(can I have your bike? I fancy a trackbike project!)

You’ll be back to your usual self in a few weeks. I will play chauffeur, howzat!!

Yeah, keep the faith mate. I’ve been there a few times (ouch) and it’s frustrating waiting for things to heal. Nothing broken’s a big bonus. A lot of fractures never really heal properly (like some of mine) and trouble you for life.

Hope you get it all sorted quick

Glad to hear from you Chuffster! I actually remember you telling me that you never ride without your kit at soho. Well done, it did the job! Great lesson for all of us! I will be always kitted mate. Hope you get back on two wheels soon

Glad to hear your in good spirits. Wish you a quick recovery. Thinking about your next bike?

Hey Chuffster,

I haven’t met you yet! Glad you’re in one piece (ish) and in good spirits … no doubt I’ll get to meet you in the fullness of time up the Ace!

All the best!!


Have not hassled the police yet ref the accident as only got out of hospital yesterday. Will do tomorrow hopefully.

The bike will be unloaded at the bike shop for estimate, I can already tell you its a write off. Not sure it will actually be worth buying back as it really is seriously damaged. Engine still runs though! Hopefully I shall get some snaps of it and I shall post them up.

As for next bike, have not decided. Storm In A D Cup who some of you met friday has offered to lend me the storm when I am up to it which is really sweet. I have decided to keep biking to the track and social only, no more commuting for me. So when insurance is sorted it will be difficult decision time as which way to go. I may go down the road of non-sports, with racing next year I don’t thing another sports is a very good idea. Was thinking maybe Z750 or Z1000 as something different that I can mess around on but can also scratch the lanes with. Probably will not invest until next year so I shall be looking out over the winter months ahead.

At the moment i am getting around ok. Fortunately the van is auto and dead easy to drive. Better than that, I am being chauffered at the moment.

I am glad Cesar you have taken on board the kit thing. I really mean it, if I had not had good quality gear on I would definately be in a different state than I am.

Chuffster mate… So glad to hear that your not too seriously hurt… Sounds like you got away lightly and walked away from it… Sod the bike… Let us know when your ready for visiters, Jay and I will come and see you…

I am up for visitors anytime really. If you are about tonight I am at the Plough in Kent, meeting up with a load of the Boxhill crew. If you want to go ask Biggus where it is, I don’t really have a clue but I am getting a lift there.

If not, no doubt we shall meet up soonish. Will have to get to ACE but due to plaster it will have to be train or van I think.

Other than that, I may manage to take in BSB at Brands in a few weeks time, may catch you there. Not sure of movements yet so not committing but I am hoping to be there and watch my mate in Superstocks.

Funnily enough, I suggested a ZRX to Chuff earlier as well

Not really got any experience of one but I shall perhaps take a look when I am ready.

Not sure about taking a day to scrub out Chicken Strips though, half hour is more like it - lol.

Early days on bike front really, I am still going racing next year and I probably wont be doing a lot of riding between now and then. I aim to be on the grid at the start of the season, fit and ready to rumble.

Like the ZRX, but i’ll stick with my CB1300 for the time being - as Chuff will testify i give that some stick . Best stop spamming his thread now

The new CB1400 is lovely too!

Ah you mean the CB1-400 don’t ya, yeah like a mini version of mine they have a red/white CB400 in Bonanza’s in Croydon - threatened to buy if for the better half so we could have his & hers

Keep smilin and get well soon. Leathers are a must, but I’d been getting a little casual (by my standards) of late. No more.

Line the floor in bike mags, get The Long Way Round and Orange County Choppers and you’ll be sorted.

any crash you can walk / limp away from …

Real good to here your well Chuffster… Any spill is always trumatic regardless of speed or reasons… Take it easy bro.

Good to see your alright Chuff, Hope this doesnt stop you racing next year.