Serious Question?

Has anyone on here just had a new kitchen fitted? if so what are you doing with the old one.

The reason I ask is we have been offered a house that needs a complete over haul we have a small budget and the kitchen is going to seriously eat into that, so if anyone has or knows of someone getting rid of an old one…

could you please let me know.

Also if you have any of the below items going please let me know I can collect:-

Carpet underlay
Laminate flooring
Wall Tiles
Lining paper
Paint (whites, pastels kinda thing)

any help would be greatly appreciated may not be able to pay or may not be able to pay much but we would love to take this place and only I small budget is holding us back.

Many Thanks
The Sleeper

P.S. any help given I will give IT support if needed for free as a trade.

Hi mate, I had a new one fitted a few months ago but the old one has gone but I have a gas cooker and oven you can have in exchange for getting a corgi dude to pull it out and cut away the gap so a cooker can be pushed in the slot stupid council rule.

The oven and hob are in very good condition only 3 years old and used maybe 3-4 times a week as I am on the road heaps it never really got used, and the new house I bought has a new kitchen.

Many many thanks for you kind offer, we have the applicances but the actual work surfaces and cupboards are what are missing. I’m going to see if the council will consider putting in the kitchen but I’m not to sure they will…