Serious Bike cam problem :(

Ok, I need to get my bike cammed up for France (6th June)

I have already trashed a HDD JVC camcorder (this is the old one which I killed the drive on)

and I am fast on the way to trashing my new Sony MiniDV cam as well, (i took the old one back for a free refund )

It seems that there is too much vibration going on? If you look at the image above (cheers Jay) you can see it is mounted on a steering yoke RAM setup.

I can record some ok stuff at low speed, but it still jumps.

The jumps on the file below are not due to my servers, it is the cam skippin

How can I mount a MiniDV cam on a gixxer without mashing up tapes?

Answers please?

Look into helmet cam mi thinks

i can’t be arsed with that M9 tbh

I am going fully laden with tankbags/panniers/rearpacks etc and didn’t want to think too much about film.

Where it is now is out the way, I just want to stop mincing tapes, 2 now, in 2 test runs

No sorry I mean ya mount the helmet cam on the bike and put the main unit under seat or convenient place out of vibrations way The little security cams work well a m8 ha sdone it I will see him on Sunday and ask him how its done!

but i wanted to have a ‘real’ camcorder to take with us when we are out or just want to shoot some stationary corner action, besides, I want to use it for personal stuff, ie weddings funerals, etc etc.

I didn’t want a dedicated bike cam, but more of a safe bike mounting system?

I know what you mean tho

The security cam plugs into your normal cam and just acts as a lens for the cam so ya can put the normal cam out of the way but I can not remember how he did it so I will ask him when I see him on Sunday

I did look at that but my Cam doesn’t have analogue imputs

I am going fukin mad here I got less than 2 weeks to sort it out.

Back to Jessops for a refund me thinks, get a cheaper camera with Anal inputs and get them cams you mention.

Surely someone has bolted a regular cam to their bike without issues?

this is kinda what your talking about, its hard to find a dv camera with analog inputs though, mine is a canon mv730i, seems to be holding up well done track days and general arsing about for about 2 years, small cam is from (tinifish on ebay) about 30 pounds, plugs into lead that came with camera (hidden on bike) but mate just got new wireless remote cam, not tried it yet though, poss alternator interferance

pm me email for clip

PM sent

If you are practical, then you can make 2 u brackets and mount the anti vibration mounts horizontal, which provides better protection from the vibration from the bike.

The mounts are only small, and you gan get them from :

This would get rid of most of the vibration. Or get two pieces of thin steel, make fixing holes in the appropriate places, then just squeeze standard silicone inbetween the plates and wait until it cures.

I hope that this may be of some help? If I come across any products then I will let you know…

My guess would be that it is the weight of the camera resonating with the vibration out on the end of the RAM mount. Do RAM make a camera mount that sits straight on top of the steering yoke ball joint? the only alternatives are a tank mounted camera mount (not much use if you have a tank bag) or the bullet cams that Mike mentioned. One big advatage of the bullet cam is that with a role of gaffer tape you can get some very artistic angles (lower side of faiing, front fender etc).

Honestly…the best bet is professional lip stick cams. That way only the lens is actually directly attached to the bike. The recording bit is stored in a seperate bag, which its best to keep on your body (back pack, etc.). THe distance between bag, body bike then ground diminishes the vibrations enough…

To rent this kind of set up for a day will cost between £100 and £150, and that will usually get you two lippy lens mounts, 2 recorders, and all the gizmos for attaching the lens mounts to the bike.

Fair enough it ain’t a great option for a long tour, but a track day, or a ride out, you get some ROCK ON shots!

try using a push bike inner tube might do the trick

I have the same JVC Camera and it works fine. All you had to do is get yourself an extra compact flash card as there is no mechanical movement in the card and the camera will work fine. But as the camera comes with a micro drive vibration on a bike is fare to high for and the micro drive just turns itself off.