Sent the mobile skittling down the road - SAGA

On the Norfolk ride on Sunday,

Managed to forget to zip up my fleece and sent my phone and wallet skittling down the road :hehe: tracked back to find bits of my phone and a trail of cards and stamps for about 200m :smiley:

ahhrr well got everything back and looks like work are gonna give me a new phone - no questions asked. Just a few strange looks and the odd idiot comment :D:D:D

Come on though … bet im not the only one ever to have done this

worst thing was… after i left the ace at 9pm ish I pulled up at traffic lights Richmond area and the bike died. Bloody fuse so I thought??? But had no tools to lift seat and no phone!!! bloody stranded! fortunately a local take away had a set of allen keys so i could lift the seat to find it was a bloody battery terminal which decided to come adrift. half an hour later i was on the move :D:D:D where there’s a will… theres a way :D:D:D:D

lol unlucky mate :smiley:

Your misfortune did make me chuckle as I’ve come close to doing the same.

Worse thing I’ve done is leave the straps of my backpack undone, which subsequently caught around the grab rails at the side of the bike meaning I couldn’t lean forwards. It took me ages to work out what the problem was.

I’m also very good at forgetting to do up my helmet and then wander what the banging is as my straps flap about at speed.

I’ve done the phone coming out of my pocket thing, just ask Mark :smiley: He was riding behind me and nearly got it on the bonce, instead a van ran it over. When we went back to look for it it was in tiny pieces, I found the Sim card… funniest thing was the look on the blokes face who came to give me my replacement, he had to take what was left of the broken one, I handed over a sandwich bag with millions of bits inside :smiley:

Glad you managed to sort your bike out Ryan.

You wally :stuck_out_tongue: glad you got all your cards back though and most importantly, your stamps, where would you be without them :laugh: Maybe you should invest in a little bum bag to put all your bits in or a pink back pack like me :P;)

ooh ya plonker, can just see you with a little pink bumbag ryan :smiley:

You donut :w00t: Can’t you put your stuff in your “boot” ???

Ask Westie to take you shopping for a ‘man’ bag :smiley:

A pink back pack, with orange leathers, that would clash horribly, what were you thinking Dawn?!? :wink: :smiley:

just invested in a new pair of BLACK leather trousers which zip to my arlen ness jacket! so no need to worry about beeing frightened away by my feendishly orange race suit anymore :smiley: Although me and Ian do look awsome stood side by side :D:D:D:D Team power ranger

Shopping im not his favorite apparently. he chose someone else for his wales partner :wink: so Id better take Miggy shopping. He’s my usual guy :D:D:D

Yeah but then you’d end up coming back with something in green to match Miggy’s bike! :wink:

I did that with a borrowed phone from work, when I used to work for O2 it was a brand new N-gage it slid for 200 meters next to me kinda funny coz it was not mine.

bad luck fella, I have done the same.
I just lost my jeans down the A3 this evening and also the MCN newspaper unread too. Couldnt find either when I turned round to see where they had gone! Quite strange! :hehe:

It must have been chilly just riding in your shreddies! :smiley: