Sena Headset


So my Scala has about had it, barely holds 4/5 hours of battery life so it is time I replaced it.

Looking at a Sena more because more often than not people I ride with have sena so good to link up. Any recommendations on model.

IT will be mostly single use, music, wife calling to moan I folded the towels the wrong way that kind thing.


I’ve got a Sena. It’s inbuilt into the Shoei Neotec.

It’s grear especially the voice recognition. My only complaint is that it gives you 2 minutes notice of a low battery and then dies on you. Battery life is good though.


I had the Sena 20S. Great bit of kit but its not 100% waterproof (splashproof only) and Sena do not cover this under warranty… its very clear when talking (other side said they do not even realise I am on a bike)
It may be worth investing in slightly better speakers that fit into your lid (however the stock are not bad)


really, did not know that! that for me is a bit of a put off. Might look at alternative then.


I can’t give you an objective comparison against another brand because my Sena is the only headset I’ve used. I’ve got the one built into the Schuberth lid.

That said, I love it. Connects to the phone first time every time. Rider to rider intercom has no trouble holding a connection at reasonable distances. Rider to pillion is good. I use it about an hour every day, usually on rider to pillion, and I often forget to charge it for weeks.


Thanks Michael, my concern is what Amit wrote about the lack of waterproofness. Given our weather it is likely to drop down all over it at some point.


Yeah, splash proof would be no good today. The Schuberth model is full concealed in the helmet, I was using it in this afternoon’s downpour without a problem as it never gets wet.

My daughter has the SMH5 (it was the cheapest) and has used it over the last two years in all weathers without a problem. My nephew and his friends haven’t had any issues with theirs and they live in Ireland where it never stops raining.


Mates of mine rode through France in a downpour. 3 out of 4 Sena’s failed.
The worst part is the headphone jack faces forwards.


Cheers mate, that’s it them I’m sold. I will not bet getting a Sena. I have a Scala Rider QC cost me £75 been through rain so bad you could not see the other side of the road, forgotten to close the charging hatch and it has rained and has never let me down.

So think i’ll stick with Scala, but get a better version of the one I have.



wait a little while my new crash helmet will be comming with built in blue tooth so my interphone sport will be going for a few shekels
& i can vouch for its weather resistance


This is certainly how I hope the market will move. Built-in, weatherproof, better fit, hopefully better performance. Bring it on.


You’d think a built in camera will be next.


The future is already here!!


dont think its waterproof though :frowning: