Selling my 2006 Focus ST-2 315BHP

Modified 315BHP stage 2 ST-2

£7450 or £7050 without service

For sale is my excellent ST with only 56k (still being used) comes with 5months MOT and 4months TAX. It has a comprehensive Service history with reciepts and both keys - it is due a service and has been booked in with SCC for 18th Novemeber so i will give £400 off price if brought before this to cover the cost - the service is also including uprated boost solinoid.
Extra’s include
Lowered 20mm on Eibachs
Pro Alloy intercooler
Miltek full system
Custom mapped to 315BHP with printouts (REVO Software)
Pioneer App Radio with Iphone connection and Bluetooth Hands free (car has a iphone 4s that is available at £200)
Zun Sports upper & lower grills
Tinted windows (Limo rear and legal front)
The ONLY reason i’m selling is to free up cash for a mortgage and will ask the buyer to give me first dibs if they come to sell it. No time wasters or test pilots, if you want to test drive it i will require the FULL asking price in cash and if you break it you brought it - NO ACCEPTIONS (Driving Licence required in case you get a ticket)
The only small issue’s are i have not yet had the wheels refurbished so have small scuffs (brought it like that) and it is suffering with the common problem with the paint by the rear wheel arch where it meets the bumper - if you have researched your ST’s you will know how common this is. This is a genuine sale & I am not here to waste anyones time or have mine wasted - I will not be giving my address out before the sale as too many cars are stolen this way
I have had it valued by the companies that buy cars and they came close to what i need from it and its 1k less for same spec/mileage that dealers are selling them for so i think the price is fair.

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