Selling a bike abroad

I know its been done before but never thought pertain to me , what is the script re the logbook or could someone point me towards the thread please.

Fill in the v5 as normal “green slip” the little green bit goes to the seller with the bike the main v5 part goes back to dvla with a written letter explaining where it’s gone and to who saying its been permanently exported out of the uk and that you no longer own this bike.

You may have to give the seller the main part of the V5 to help them register it in their country, I did when I sold my BMW to Lithuania. Then write a letter to the DVLA explaining who you’ve sold it to and give their address. After about six weeks I got a letter back telling me that the DVLA accepted I wasn’t the owner.

Stuff that I gave them a photo copy as I wanted to cover my own back

Yeah I sold my bike to Lithuania and yes you have to send them the main part of V5

just make sure its not to a buyer who offers to overpay so you can give the difference to their shipper!

All 3 bikes iv sold over seas have all been done like this…
Photo copy of there ID too.

Sold mine to a guy in Bulgaria with how i stated above

why are all these bikes leaving the country? sold my bandit on ebay, a bloke from holland bought it. what`s happening?

they are cheaper to buy over hear then in there country

Second hand bikes get sold dirt cheap in the UK with very little mileage… Because of the weather and the fact that here bikes are used for weekends mainly rather than every day use, you can get good, well looked after examples for a lot less than what you would pay in a Mediterranean or E. European country…

I know a guy who paid more for his bike (similar to mine) in Greece and his had 45K miles more on it. was 3 years older and had a few issues with it.

There was an 05 plate SV650 for sale outside a bike shop in my home town last summer with 32000 kms on the clocks for 5.500 Euros, which may not seem much but it is a ridiculous amount of money to pay when you’re only earning about 300 euros a month… must say the bike shop was not there when i went home two months ago :ermm:

Cheers for the info people , looks like mine might be heading to the same geezer timebandit a guy called nootje who makes regular trips to the uk to buy up bikes has bid on mine .

where selling too cheap to overseas buyers??? and there aving it off???:discuss:???