Self Written Wills

If I were to write a letter to my kids and family saying.

“In the event of my death please sell X, Y & Z and split the money equally between you all. My savings can go to Kid A, House to Kid B, Current account to Kid C. blah blah blah”

I know thats a very harsh way of writing things. But, will the Governent and whoever deals with these things allow such a document that Ive signed, counter signed and had witnesses to etc? Will it stand up in court? Will people follow it?

Just a thought thats all. Ive often penned something together to be found if i shall go suddenly but have never really finished it due to not knowing.

Go to WH Smith, you can buy a pack for about £20 with forms & instructions in that is legal if witnessed properly. (Don’t forget to put the bit in about leaving Jets the Aprilia, OK):smiley:

It will depend greatly on how complex things are.

The Court will try and put into effect the wishes of the testator as best they can, but this can be tricky if you make a mistake. For instance there is a case where a testator said (paraphrased) “I give house 1 and house 2 to my two daughters, Emily to make the first choice and Mary to take the other house”

Problem was, Emily died before Mary and before choosing a house. The Court was unable to allow Mary to take either of the houses, I can’t remember the outcome but I suspect they were subsumed into the Estate and divided according to the rest of the will, which means poor old Mary lost out and only got a portion of a house she was supposed to be given.

Other than trying to avoid things like this it really is up to you how you write it. There are rules to signatures and stuff, but I am a tad busy to go through them merely for the sake of it.

Ah thanks both Kelloggs and Jets. (no you cant have the V4)

Kelloggs, dont worry fella. Im just seeing what options i have. ill look into it mroe and sort something. Because Mel and I have an exciting family im sure this needs to be fully written in detail with all ‘what ifs, buts and maybes’

Thank you

Children that live with you that are not your children, whom you support, are entitled to claim against your estate, even if your will is absolutely ironclad. This will drag out the intestate of your will for a considerable period of time.

Also consider that if you don’t use a Solicitor that the executor of your will must be nominated, and must accept, and that there are a lot of rules and regulations related to being an executor and a failure to abide them can make the executor liable for a failure to distribute the will properly. This goes to the previous paragraph as well.

This is why in most cases probate takes a considerable amount of time, mainly due to the executors following the rules and making sure they cover themselves against any attempts to claim against them once the will is distributed.

yeah… :unsure:

I spent £120 a few years ago and got a legal begal to draw up a proper one, it was a case of do it or don’t go to Wales with the boy’s :slight_smile:
They also store it in a nice air conditioned building apparently.

What Jetstream said.

But remember you’ve only got 2nd dibs on the bike;)

Just out of interest more than anything else, but back in the day when I was a squaddie, prior to going on operations, we all had to box up our entire bunk/room and have it labeled as to whether it would be passed to friends or family. This meant that your muckers got your porn stash and your family didn’t recieve a box of hardcore german porn!!! :D:w00t:

It’s not too expensive to sort out though mate, just depends on how much you want to be done upon your passing.
I’ve been looking into getting my whole funeral paid for etc… Might pay off in the future, and saves my family the added stress when I end up on the wrong side of the river stix… Which with my lifestyle may be sooner rather than later! :stuck_out_tongue:

On funerals, I hear on the radio the other day that the expense of a funeral in London is over £6,500… WTF !!! about 60% of that is funeral director costs and the other 40% is doctors, church, etc…

I would prefer and quick and easy cremation and rather spend the money on good food and a pissup !!! :rolleyes:

No great fan of the legal professions, but each year at the Law Society annual dinners they used to have a toast to “Self made wills”. Apparently a nice little earner for solicitors when they go t*its up.

Get the package from W H Smiths if you don’t want to pay a vulture but DO NOT use one of the will writing companies…

They most often appoint themselves as executors and charge the estate an arm and a leg so thousands get syphoned off before the divying up.