Self-wash in SE London

I live in a flat and have no access at ground level to a tap (let alone one with a hosepipe). I’d like to wash the bike myself but am having trouble finding anywhere to do it. Today, I took my bike to a petrol station where they have a valeting service, and I think they did OK (though the pressure washers made me nervous). All I want, though, is somewhere I can pay a few pounds to have access to water so I can do it myself. Jet wash isn’t exactly what I’m looking for—I don’t need the soap, just the water, as I’ve got bike-specific cleaning products, and again there’s the pressure issue.

Any ideas? I’m in SE16 but willing to travel a bit if need be. It’s hard to believe there’s nowhere in the vicinity where I can just run some water.

As pubs and cafes ain’t supposed to charge for tap water … find one with a car park , take a bucket … take the piss .


Love the idea. One glass at a time might take a while, but perhaps I’ll keep this as my fallback plan.

What you need is a hand pump pressure washer :slight_smile: click me

bucket and sponge too simple?

Or for a negotiable sum, you can use my my hosepipe and sponge :wink:

There are a few DIY car washing places that have hoses with soap on a timer.
You choose your program, pay a pound and get 5 mins of wash time.

I know of one on the corner of the B409 and Beaconsfield Road in Chiswick- not sure of any south of the river.

Spray bottle of muck off, a brush & a cloth
2 litre bottle of tap water to rinse
microfibre cloth to wipe dry

jobs a good un :slight_smile:

go to petrol station/supermarket jet wash, use the jet wash to fill your bucket with water, wash your bike.

Sainsburys superstore in Sydenham has jetwash that costs £1 for 3 minutes of any jetwash option on the machine so you could use the “gentle” option to clean the bike or to fill your bucket.
There is also plenty of space to do it without affecting other people.

or even those air pump machines at petrol stations that also have a pipe for water, supposedly to be used to top up coolant reservoir. The one at Sainsburys in Sydenham is free.

shell garage end of junction if drummond road/southwark park rd se16
jet wash, its ok if you dont spray too close to bike especially where bearings etc are.