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I’m quite possibly moving back down to London after doing a stint up north. I currently ride a K7 GSXR 600 so am a bit worried it might attract the wrong kind of attention. I’ll hopefully be renting a flat with ‘secure’ underground parking and in the daytime it would be parked in an underground car park at Canary Wharf. Am I just asking for trouble or should I get something a bit older and less nickable? Its impossible to be 100% secure, just wanted to get some opinions from London bikers.



Welcome to the forum - post up and say hello!If a scrote wants your bike they will have your bike - no matter where you are. There was a bike stolen over Chruistmas from Canary Wharf over Christmas - so no where is totally secure.

Invest in a decent lock&chain (some say Almax is the choice). Also having two different types of physical secuirty can help too - if a theif has the means to defeat one he might not have the other. Chain it to something if you can and don;t leave the chain slack or the lock on the floor.

You can have an alarm but plenty of bikes have alarms and tracker too - but still get lifted.

Basically do as much as you can to make it more difficult for your bike to be stolen.

In the last place I worked in we had a “secure” car par where you could only get through the barriers if you worked there and had a pass for the car park. Loads of people commuted in on bikes so there were quite a few nice bikes there, one friday morning about 10ish a white transit pulled up on the other side of the fence where the bikes were parked, angle grinded the metal fence off, popped the nicest bike there (think it was a brand new fireblade) into to the back of their van and off they went, the bloke who owned it was gutted to say the least. Moral of the story is you can do loads of stuff to make your bike safe & secure but if these scallys want it they’ll do what ever they have to to get it :angry:

hey ya

get ya self a decent chain, and secure it to something solid, an immovavble object. keep the lock off teh ground too, and the chain tight so it has no movement, a decent alarm will help too, as does covering it up.

at teh end of teh day if a pro bike thief wants your bike he/she/thy will find a way to get it, or find an easier target. shite i know but thats how it is!

Thanks for warm welcome and quick responses. I’m not too worried about the work car park is its underground in our building with security guards checking security passes in and out. I’m just a bit paranoid as I use to live near putney bridge and had a cbr stolen a couple of years ago. Its a horrible feeling walking out to an empty parking space.

ps great website by the way!

Hello and welcome…

Almax is the best money can buy…

Check out their videos!!!:

Almax Comparisons Videos



Cheers for the link Adzski. The Almax series IV looks the biz! Good video even with that fatty on the bolt croppers ;). Have heard a lot of good things about Almax chains. Looks like my first buy.

install a good ground anchor or find something solid and immovable to chain it to. but the chain through a solid bit of the bike like the swing arm rather than just ht wheel if you can

use a variety quality disc locks and chains - more things that they have to get through

I’ve paid to have one installed at work in one of my old jobs. Was circa £100, but it gave me peace of mind for the 3 years I was there.

A rabid pitbull carrying the H5N1 strain of flu should kept EVERYONE away. :smiley:

A disc lock and a chain & lock will help. It will either slow them down, or deter the casual scumbag.

However as someone has already said if they want it they will have it.