Secure parking in the city

I usually park my bike at work, but as there are only 10 bike spaces on a first come first served basis and as all the fair weather riders have dusted their leathers, I found myself having to find another parking spot. I have previously parked in bays, but with the recent theft reports, I’m looking for something secure. I don’t mind paying a few quid as it’s usually only once or twice per week, but I don’t know of any parking houses nearby. I’m near Bank (actually on top of it) and the closest I know of is the Barbican (free but a bit a treck).

Anybody know any other secure parking?

bikerboy was gonna do a post about free underground parking in middlesex street or somewhere over there… still too big a trek?

Just waiting for the guy to get back from lunch to get the details off him :slight_smile:

It’s here Second floor is reserved for bikes.

Not checked it out but sounds good to me.

cheers for that dude! :slight_smile:

Cheers. That’s a good one to know. Probably similar distance to the Barbican to be honest, but less likely to get lost find the exit :wink:

NCP and APCOA car parks charge £4 a day for bikes.

That car park on whites row is next to my missus’s house, and there are tons of bikes in there, I’ve always parked on the ground floor near the attendant’s booth…

when you go in, have a look on the right, there is a black ducati monster, covered in a huge layer of dust…surely must have been robbed and dumped there?

Its a good car park though…

Surely it would be wise if you think its been dumped to give a quick call to the forces so if it is somebodies bike they can get it back!>!!>>!>

I gave them a call on the weekend - havnt been to see where / if its still there or not though! might take a wander up on my dinner!

Just been sent this:

Hi Powerpuffgirl,
Having discussed this with you a couple of days ago, you clarified that you were interested in motor cycle security measures.
I have discussed this issue with my colleagues.
The City of London does not have any motor cycle parking in the area you mentioned. The nearest motorcycling parking we have is located on Sun Street, near Appold Street. You may be able to contact the London Borough of Hackney who is responsible for the areas to the north and west of Worship Street and Appold Street (or London Borough of Islington a few streets further west).
The City has a number of public car parks which provide a more secure environment for motor cyclists to park. Your nearest City of London public car park is located in White’s Row, which is east of Bishopsgate. Additionally, our planning requirements for new developments require provision for motorcycles.
The City does not plan to implement additional security measures for on street motor vehicle parking.
Regards, Jereme

Jereme McKaskill
Cycling Officer
City of London Corporation

I’ve just seen this on a leaflet left on a bike next to mine. looks ok from the quick test i’ve just done.

otherwise i’ve used this to get parking info for London.

I phoned the bizzies again and they’ve told me that the duke i seen in whites row has not been reported stolen and therefore there is nothing they can do… bit wierd that someone’s abandoned a nice black monster there!

hopes the person that nicked superoli’s bike aint seen this thread