Second hand motorcycle clothing shops

Anyone know of any second hand motorcycle clothing shops that take gear and also sell used gear? I have a lot of stuff I want to sell in bulk and also wondered if there is any second hand outlet that is not e bay where one can go and have a browse. Cheers H

Essex Biker’s Centre has always got loads of stuff up on ebay, and they buy used gear as well. I’ve never been there myself, but I think there’s a certain gixxer owning, soon to be birthday boy on this site who’s previously mentioned that he’s been there.

Helen i’ll ask my mate Alison. She used to own the Girls Bike 2 shop in Dorking and may know of such a place.

Essex Bikers is run by father and son, I got my leather trousers from them, best to ring and have a chat because they are not always open.

Thanks - this is really helpful - I will give them a call.

Essex Bike Centre have a good little ebay shop here as well