Second hand Helmets for sale

I have wondered for a while, why do LB allow the sale of second hand helmets on this forum - another site I sit on does not allow any second hand helmet sales and I understand why - how do you know the lid is safe? has it been dropped? involved in an accident etc

Potentially extremely dangerous for the unsuspecting purchaser.

I mention this as yet again someone offers their helmet for sale and no-one seems to have a problem with this.

If LB don’t allow people to sell other’s bikes for protection reason (I assume) then I think it makes sense to protect LB’ers by preventing sale of second hand helmets

Any alternative ideas?

I can’t see why LB should prohibit the sale of the helmets though ?

We are all adults, and if someone wants to purchase a used lid, then I’m sure they are aware of what they are doing

Exactly, and i dont think LB does prohibit the offering of sale of someones bike, hell, I think there is a section dedicated to it.

If people want to buy used lids, that is their risk. Hell, I hope LB has the appropriate insurance for LB organised ride outs… I dont remember seeing any disclaimers…

Sale of bikes and goods other than your own is not allowed on the forums. The principle reason being should there be a problem it looks bad on LB as well as the member.

Helmets - as long as they are yours are fine. Personally I wouldn’t want to buy second hand however in some cases people are happy to so there is no reason not to allow out - at the end of the day the choice lies with the consumer so if someone offers an item they own for sale it’s up to the potential buyer to understand the implications of that purchase - we’re all old and ugly enough to make informed choices - allegedly…

This is a good point for discussion Killer #1. In addition to what MacP says, we do talk about situations like this amongst ourselves and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of any rule introduction. We’ve learnt from previous experience that any limitation or procedure implemented on the site has to be properly justified, as people tend not to take kindly to having their perceived liberties curtailed, despite the fact this isn’t a public service.

We’re always trying to work in the best interests of our community, because we’re very proud of it and want to do the right thing by everyone. We took a decision some time ago not to allow people to sell third-party items on the site, as it could very well cause more trouble for the buyer, seller and LB than it was worth. It’s far easier to encourage the true seller to join up and post-up themselves.

Second-hand helmets… We’ve thought about it but couldn’t justify any limitation on their advertised sale on LB. It’s not for us to act like this government does and be a nanny-state, people have to make their own decisions on issues like this where common-sense should prevail in the majority. It’s a thin line because there ARE logical reasons why we shouldn’t facilitate the sale of second-hand lids, but I personally believe it’s just too draconian in this case to restrict it.

Perhaps we should just put a warning up in the Classifieds forum about second-hand helmets and then let people make their own mind up? Either way, we look at all potentially problematic situations on a case by case basis, hence the third-party bike sale rule.

It’s hard trying to balance the desire to look after our community, and providing an open and transparent place for people to interact and trade. Perhaps harder than some people might think initially. There’s so many different levels of experience between our members, that we would love for our more experienced ones to share their wisdom with the less experienced ones. This is something we’re also trying to nurture.


BigSV, LB doesn’t organise any ride-outs itself, for the exact reason you’ve mentioned, insurance is the issue, you need it to protect yourselves as an organisation, but it’s too expensive to actually obtain. Ride-outs that happen between LB members are just that, they’re organised by members who are individuals, not organisations.; LB as an organisation merely documents the event, but can’t be held responsible for any organisation or incidents that may potentially result during the event.

We’ve looked into this before, and we’d love to be able to have official LB ride-outs which would arguably benefit the member more, but unless we act like cowboys and for-go insurance, then it’s just not possible, and we won’t do that, we like to think we’re more professional than that. It would only take one incident claim to topple most organisations who do something like this without appropriate and adequate insurance, hence why we won’t risk it.

Things like disclaimers don’t actually have any legal standing when it comes to it, and certainly aren’t any use in legal defence. You can’t absolve yourselves of criminal neglect, and as far as we’ve been able to tell, they don’t work with insurance claims either! It’s a lesser known fact that track-day indemnity forms aren’t really worth the paper they’re printed on.

This ‘civilised’ culture thing is a real drag at times, eh

Jay I was just twisting some nipples re the ride out insurance etc…, I personally hate the growing compensation culture, overly health & safety consious nation. An accident it just that, unless people are acting obviously irresponsible.

Disclaimers do work, provided, as you have stated, they do not try to absolve a persons / organisations responsibility of any resultant negligence. The disclaimer also has to be clearly visable and informed to everyone concerned.

Re: S/h helmets…

The purchaser -I think it’s personal choice as to whether you buy or not… the (potential) risks are well documented… But who is to say that a lid from a shop has never been dropped - either in transit or in the shop itself?

The seller - No shop I’ve ever been in will ever take a lid back once you walk out of the door with it… so potentially you might be stuck with a £500 bit of kit that you’ve worn once or twice that’s no good to you.

Re: Rideouts!

2nd Jay on the costs of any form of indemnity insurance - the (potential) liability and therefore costs to cover are insane (having looked into it myself also). People should accept the risks that they take are part of riding a motorcycle (particularly in groups) and that being on a particular ride was their choice and no one elses!

well considering we all have insurance for rideouts, i dont really see what the problem is? as for used helmets, i would never buy one its always best to get a new lid.

Potentially… If LB or some other such club organised a rideout and something happened and it turned out that there was some kind of liability on the part of that club in the way that it was organised/run etc then in theory someone could sue… I have heard of this nearly happening on a supermoto forum where 2 riders crashed on an organised ride-out - I must point out that this was rumour/hearsay.

My opinion is that you are responsible for your own actions, and if you have an issue with the way a run is being carried out, either have a word with the organiser, go home, or both…!

I would never buy a 2nd hand lid from anyone, as you never know what happened to it.

u sure? ginger has some going cheap, only ‘minor scratches’…

I like the idea of the forum not being regulatory, however is there also a responsibility to inform members of potential risks involved in all aspects of biking, including kit.

Anyone providing a poor quality service, or servicing bikes poorly would be posted up on this site - name/shame. Or worst case, get banned from the site (it has happened)

LB demonstrates that we do care about safety etc.

I know there are many people with many different points of view - I personally feel 2nd hand lids are a no no. I also know not everyone can afford a £300-500 helmet brand new.

Therefore I accept that 2nd hand lids get bought n sold - just wonder whether it should be condoned by the site?

Would LB ignore the selling of 2nd hand drivechains, 2nd hand brake pads etc etc on the site?

Maybe Jay’s suggestion of a fixed warning notice re: 2nd hand lids is the answer?


“u sure? ginger has some going cheap, only ‘minor scratches’…

Again good point but where would you draw the line?

Personally I go by my original comment in that we are all adults and have the right of choice.

As Macp said where is the line drawn, sell a 2nd hand bike and you’re still selling 2nd hand brake pads, tyres, chain, sprockets etc etc :confused: