second bike

been thinking about upgrading to my second big bike from my CBF500, which has given me a great introduction to big bikes but which doesnt set mine (or anyone elses) pulse racing.

tested a Speed Triple this morning… utterly awesome/barmy. i found it almost impossible to do less that 50 mph and think if i got one i would be putting my licence at grave risk from day one (if not my neck too) it blew my mind how good it was, engine was sweet, brakes amazing, and the sound… but i think maybe it is a step too far for a second bike. my rationale trying it was that i might get quickly bored of a 600 or 750cc, but as most of my riding is in town i am thinking maybe a 1 ltr is a bit over the top.

just wondering if anyone had any particular suggestions? i am over 6ft tall, so it needs to be fairly big.

currently wondering about a Z750 or maybe a Shiver? looks like you can get a good second hand Z for about 3k which is attractive, though the budget is not the biggest issue. Hornets/Bandits dont really float my boat, and i’ve heard the SV650 is a bit twitchy on the throttle (though should maybe see for myself)

any advice london peeps?


If you liked the triple, test a superduke.

Surely the street striple would be a logical choice?

But around town a litre bike is nice because you have lots of low down power that allows easy getting away from lights and stuff. Not a massive jump to go from a CB500 to a speed triple, just so long as you remember that its not the bike that makes you go over 50 mph, its your right hand…

the z750 would be my choice, sexy, good engine, reliable and not too manic…but still a good deal of fun, if you can stretch to the z1000 that is more of the same but very easy to ride for a 1000…also you gotta love the new honda 1000 beauty or what…0% interest on many bikes at the moment so get it soon before that ends…very tempting…

A unicycle would turn a few heads.

superduke is surely as quick as a speed3, if not more of a hooligan? a mate of mine has been raving about the 690 supermoto, but i’m not sure i like the moto look so much.

street triple felt too small for me when i sat on one, i was cramped up. plus waiting list is now til October/November…

guess i’ll give the Kwack a try at a dealer, think it ticks a lot of boxes. just need to replace that over-long pipe the older models come with for something a bit stubbier… or find a newer model with that dual-exit black effort (weird looking, but nicer)

If you like a more upright bike and fancy a good allrounder why not try something like a Triumph Tiger?


The sharp handling can be a bit off-putting for novices though.

A mate of mine had a Z1000 as a loaner and found it cramped, he was around 6ft.

But I think that I would get board of the Z750, I have a thing for 2006 Z1000 but new ones don’t do anything for me. It’s always a pesonnel thing at the end of the day but the Fazer 1000 is a lovely bike and plenty ride able at al levels.

If you like an upright allrounder why not try a Triumph Tiger?

has anyone had a ride on the Shiver yet?

Z1000 OR 1250 BANDIT



Not 'Arf:cool:

i’m 6’3" and rode a 748 to work for ages. you get used to cramped if you like the bike enough