seat recovering

Hi - does anybody know a good place to have a shaped seat recovered around London /surrey / hants?

if you can get to Grays, you need to get in touch with sam “wasp”.

They did an excellent while-you-wait service for me at a very reasonable cost.

^^^ +1

Viking are great (and were actually recommended to me by Wasp).

I use a local retrimmers in Maldon they are more used to do classic cars but will do seats as well

Viking, very good, while you wait and a good price.

He is closed this Friday to Monday B/H

Tony Archer in Huddersfield or Stan Leather in Mile end :blush:

thanks all, ill give viking a shout then i think and see what they say!

They will probably say, pop over at 2pm or whatever, and you will be done and out by half-past.