Seat Conversion for CBR600f

im thinking of getting rid of the seat on my bike and changing it to something similar to the RR. How easy would this be and what would I need to do it?

dont tell me to buy an rr!! :laugh:

easy - just need the rear subframe, undertray, split seats, rear pegs and rear seat fairing from a F-sport model. Apparently it’s pretty straight forwards to do and loads of pople on have done it. Should be an afternoon’s work from start to finish.

Now the only problem is that the subframe and undertray are like the proverbial Rocking Horse poo to find - trust me it took 6 weeks for me to find the subframe and fairing to replace my damaged ones and the flipping undertray is proving even worse:angry:

good stuff!! thanks!

if its that hard to find maybe i’ll just get myself an rr :Whistling:

how is your bike now anyway? is it on the mend?

I’d be tempted by the RR route myself, however if you have a bit of patience and are going to keep the f for a while just keep looking for parts to do the conversion as the cost would probably be £2-300 max.

My bike, is a bit of a ongoing story but seems to be almost there. Hoping another few weeks and I’ll be back on the road with it all done - assuming I can get a stupid undertray:D New forks/springs have been the biggest cost so far and will need to get the ebay sourced fairings all resprayed so they match. All in all it’s been a learning curve on how difficult it is to get parts, and the sheer time it all takes but fingers crossed I’ll have something nice when it’s done!

thats good, fingers crossed for you getting an undertray soon! i bet you know alot more about your bike now than you did before!