Scrapheap Challenge

Did anyone see scrapheap challenge yesterday afternoon? (God I love that show) they had to build superbikes and one was electric!!! Im telling you it looked Sweeeeeeet (considering its from junk) and it end up winning!


It was a decent episode I thought…

The 'leckie bike only won because the petrol powered monster was pushing it too much and the wheelbarrow wheels didnt have enough grip on the edge! :smiley: It was a good little spill tho!

Neither looked comfortable though! I’ll stick to my bike for the time being!

Yeah, I agree, the prtrol would have won but i was really impressed by the “look” of the electric one. From afar it looked like a japanese prototype! Got to be one of the best looking machines ever built on that show.

saw that as well! was a great show, shame that they put the pegs on the petrol one so far forward, if it handled like the leccy one it would have been no contest. I am no sure if the tyres lost grip or whether the bike ground out…


The tires were hilarious, they’d have been better off with stone wheels!

Interesting one about the footpegs, I’d not noticed it… I did think the 'leccy one looked better! They should have done a 5 metre and 10 metre drag race too! :smiley:

I am pretty sure it was the “clutch” mechanism on the lefthand side which grounded as he pushed it to the max (maybe 20mph) round that bend.

(For those who missed the programme, the “clutch” was a wheel on a plunger that tensioned a belt so that it didn’t slip. It had to sit outboard of the belt which had to sit outboard the chain.)

On the previous runs the bike had not grounded here as they made no serious attempt to actually stay on the track!

Was I the only one who worried that a bunch of model aircraft designers could make a perfectly good working electric bike which handled well and looked great (and had time to build a jig first and time for tea and loads of time for sweeping up and drinking tea afterwards), whilst the roadside rescue professionals build a load of random components welded together even more randomly and only made a contest of it because their motor gave them more speed than they could safely use? I wouldn’t want any of them roadside rescuing me!

Ha it was just good to see Jamie Whittam again, haven’t seen the boy in years but recognised the voice straight out. Used to watch him doing wheelies and stoppies up and down the airfield back up in yorkshire ‘When I were a lad’. Top bloke.