scotts steering damper

Has anyone used a scotts steering damper. Here’s one if anyone needs a memory jogging:

Would like to know:

  1. How they compare to other dampers like Ohlins
  2. Whether the frame drilling was annoying and had any other effect on the bike.
  3. How the build quality of the product faired.



I bought a Sprint damper because it’s made in the UK by a company which specialises in steering dampers, is servicable at reasonable cost and is used by a number of racers so has to be capable of doing the job for me.

They’re good man, lots of bikes are coming from the factory with them now. patrick is wrong saying that if it didn’t come from the factory with one, you don’t need one. Does that also mean that older cars that didn’t come with airbgs won’t be better with aftermarket airbags installed? of course not. a steering damper is a good thing to have no matter what. If you put it on it’s lightest setting you won’t even notice it’s there. btw, the lower the number the lighter the setting on yours. There is both low speed nd high speed circuit, so you cn turn down the low speed circuit so it doesn’t hve n effect when you’re just turning slow in a parking lot or u turn or whatever, but if it starts to shake fast it’ll work. I would set the highspeed circuit to 5 or 6 and the low speed to 3 or 4.

headshake can turn into a tankslapper if not checked, therefore in effect, dampers do prevent tankslppers. tankslappers and headshake are 2 different things, but they are 2 different degrees of the same thing; rapid steering oscilation

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