Scottoiler FS365?


As mentioned on Bike Talk forum, just changed X8 Maxi for ‘52’ Fazer.

Scottoiler FS 365 hardly mentioned on LB. Does anyone know how it compares to ACF-50?

Cheers for any info


I tried it last Christmas and it was rubbish, hardly any better than having nothing on the bike. ACF50, although more expensive, is like a miracle chemical, does a great job.

I used it - didnt really rate it so used ACF-50 instead. Main thing that out me off it is the mess it made, just leaves your bike in a milky mess ha ha

Thanks for replies.

Looks like the Scottoiler spray must be a slightly different product to ACF-50.

I e-mailed the Scottoiler info address. The bloke said this in his reply -

"FS365 will wash off in heavy rain, particularly at the front of the bike but as long as you re-apply it after being out on salty roads, it will continue to neutralise those salts. As it says on the tin (to borrow a
phrase) it’s the “lazy man’s maintenance spray) and allows you to spray it onto any build up of crust from the road and then wash it once a week and re-apply it again. You’ll notice that any crud is easier to wash off surfaces where FS365 has been applied.”

As I understand it - ACF-50 gets applied once, at beginning of winter and you kind of forget about it, until spring? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Reason for all these questions is I’ve got cr** parking where I live. I tried the Bike Cover solution with previous bikes, but thats alot of faffing about when you just want to get on and ride.

If Lessismore and I think it was Black, on a CBR RR, are reading this - thanks for the welcome at BM earlier. :slight_smile:



I apply ACF-50 and then don’t wash the bike :slight_smile:
doesn’t wash off in rain, and takes a bit of washing off with a hose and brush… F365 has to go back on every time you ride in the wet.

I didnt really notice any difference from using the scottoiler stuff - it might well have been protecting my bike but because it was just like water when its applied it didnt really seem to be doing much and when it came to washing my bike again it didnt seem to make it any easier, the same goes for ACF-50 though aswell but the bike does come up nice once its had a nice wash with warm soapy water, a lot of people are under the impression that if you put ACF-50 on your bike when you come to wash it the dirt will literally just fall off with cold water! It doesnt but as the stuff sticks to the bike nicely you can tell eveythings being protected :slight_smile:

ACF-50 on the painted stuff and engine, and waxoil on the shiney and chrome .I USED THE SCOTTOIL for a while and the corrosion still got in at the bike , and thats with regular cleaning ,seems to wash off when it rains , cant understand how its ment to protect if that happens !