scott leathers

as per title and description really. after my local motorcycle shop let me down with regards to the alpinestars sp-1 suit I was after im looking at going for a made to measure suit by scott leathers.
anyone else got a set and got any reviews on them?

If you have the patience to endure a two year wait while they make error after error after error, and accept that a four week delivery date really means a four month minimum delivery date, and then they’ll have to continually rectify their mistakes, while lying to you about ‘this set’ being a priority and it’ll be sent out this week, recieve no apology or recourse for their incompetence, or offered any compensation for the loss of your time. You’ll be fine, otherwise if you want some m2m leathers that’ll probably fit right 1st time, in a reasonable time frame, at a reasonable cost, go elsewhere.

My experience of scott is that your custom is not important, and that they couldn’t organise a p1ss up in a brewery.:angry:

If you do decide to go with scott, good luck, you’ll need it.

Also, ask yourself. ‘Can I really wait sixteen months for a set of m2m leathers to be made for me?’

oh…ive been told and read up that they were pretty good.
could your experience have been a one off or has anyone else had a similar encounter with them?
they’ve mentioned they could measure me up at the tailend bmf next weekend and 6-8 weeks later the suit would be delivered.

Well I’ve had a m2m set of Scott Leathers for a lot of years and they’ve slid down the road twice with little damage and I’ve even had certain colour sections replaced when I changed bike.

My experience of them isn’t quite as dramatic as Puppy’s although I do know what he means. You will have a delay with your suit for sure, seems everyone does who orders m2m from them.

Trouble with them is, I suspect, that they are a victim of their own success. Being very popular with the racers - Steven Easton wears one for example - but with quite limited resources means that they get stretched esp when racers step in and need replacement suits or comprehensive repairs. Their incompetence I don’t know about but cannot be discounted.

My advice is that they are a good suit, very good for the money, but ordering during race season is likely to catch them at their worst so perhaps order it late this month so they’ve got the off-season to prepare it.

On the other hand, give arc-on a call as Ian’s new business manages to produce £800 suits for half that by not operating from a shop. And he does m2m for a small surcharge. We’re hoping to get Ian down to BM with a suit in the very near future so stay tuned for that. And there are rumours of a discount for LB members too. **It’s gonna be the 23rd of this month ! **

I’d say if you can spend £1200+ with BKS or someone who is probably more geared up to produce m2m then fair enough but paying what might be half that brings with it some compromises and I think sticking to delivery times may be exactly that. Just not enough resource to cater for unexpected demand - more resource = greater end user cost.