Scooter safety

As seen on the way to work this morning:

125 Vespa with bloke wearing:

  • no gloves
  • shorts
  • flip-flops (!!!)

…and if you think that’s bad, his pillion was similarily “equipped”.

Let’s hope he doesn’t come off and tells his kids in 10 years, “that was back when I had a toe, and I didn’t walk like a ****ing gimp”…

Some people… sigh

I think some people can only learn from their own experiences

I see that every day, guys on their vespas with only their work suits for protection, some with pillions wearing only summer dresses.

come on everyone knowes that people on vespas are immune from falling off or getting knocked down!!!

I can’t remember who said it, but I think it was in PB or Superbike magazine…

Surely that’s THEIR problem.

Christ we all have access to the info and the stats and the gruesome pics…if they want to ride unprotected, let them…doesn’t hurt us does it?

We’re not progressing much as a culture any more cos we’ve chosen nannying states over “survival of the fittest”.

I say let them scrape themselves to buggery. What difference does it make to me?

Never quite sure why everyone gets so wound up about this? Do you really want to take responsibility for EVERY idiot that doesn’t take as many precautions as yourself…? Haven’t you got anything better to do with your time than worry about idiots that you have absolutely no control over?

Live and let live…or die…or just scrape large chunks of their bodies off on hard road surface! Their problem not yours!

Agreed, just the NHS cost, plus they take longer to get up & ride off, therefore congestion.

True, but bikers do that too, even the well covered one’s…to be honest, since I’ve got high quality leathers and protection, my overall speed has increased a touch, cos I feel more confident…maybe we should all ride in shorts and flips flops, we’d certainly be a lot MORE careful knowing just how much worse the accidents would be if we did come off…?

Always stirring…

I hate it when you see people taking kids as pillions but only with a lid and gloves (maybe). The rider should know better, but the kid won’t - after all shouldn’t mummy/daddy/whoever it is they are with be taking care of them?

I agree,

I have a little 4 year old and has and abnormal love for bikes at that age, she loves getting on mine and riding around our car park together but if I was to ever take her on mine on the roads I would spare absoultly no expense in buying her the top gear…

surprize surprize…


“Them and Us”…all getting a bit tiresome. I see loads of people riding bikes with little or no protective gear apart from whats law

True - a couple of weekends ago I was going along the north circ and some guy on a super sports bike went past doing about a ton - with a t shirt on. Nutter.

Why do they do it ? Maybe I should try it to understand ?

Many moons ago I went to survey a job at a Doc’s house. His main job was cutting people about in the operating theatre. I turned up on the bike and his comment while chatting was “glad to see you wear leathers. Its easier for us lot to put a bag of bits back together than trying to make bits to replace bits that have gone missing” Those words have stuck with me ever since. That and seeing a few friends over the years end up in wheel chairs or a wooden box…

The nursing staff in nearly all NHS hospitals refer to us as “organ donors”…guess who see’s the results of ALL of the accidents on our roads… mmmm

Take precautions for your own safety or don’t…live with the consequences … or don’t