Scooter delivery drivers forum?

Quick question: does a forum exist used by scoot delivery dudes?

Trying to advertise my scoot for sale !

Have you tried:



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He wants to sell his scooter not enter a sheathing den of evil. :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, but as a scooter rider he can meet like minded ladies. :laughing: :laughing:


Oi! I just sold my s1000rr easy with the slander billyboy

A scoot is still faster than any bike in cretinous London traffic :slight_smile:


You’d be better off researching why it hasn’t sold than looking for new markets to advertise it in.

To be honest I doubt there’s much point in trying to find a delivery riders forum. All the delivery scooters I see are 125cc or smaller with learner plates on & if I recall correctly, yours is a 200.

and that has to be the prime suspect (200cc) why its proving difficult to move on

That’s true. Plus the time of year & the fact there’s a lot less folk commuting at the moment

All above correct I guess! Commuting is dead and its true that all those deliv dudes are on 125 with L plates :slight_smile: