Scooter 300, stolen, recovered, tried twice to steal it again

I have not posted for a long time since my Hornet got stolen a few years ago.
Recently I decided to buy a 300 scooter, to get back on my feet and overcome the fear. I data-taged it and installed other security devices. It got stolen and recovered 2 months after I bought it (1000£ damaged). I decided to spent even more money on the chain and bought an Almax chain.
Last week they attempted to steal it again, however my neighbour got out, started shouting and they run away - they only damaged the rear rack and cut off the cover where it was held with the chain to the wheel.
Last night they got back, unscrewed the rear rack, took it away and found the bike like that in the morning.
The police was informed all times, and with the recent attempts said they cannot do anything. It seems like if they want to break a bike into parts they will do it in front of your house and no one can stop them. If they target a bike, it will get stolen and broken into parts - period.
Did any other member had such a bad experience? I cannot even sleep any more during nights - I wake up and jump off the bed, run to the street to check…
I live in North London - Crouch end area. Has anyone noticed an increased bike crime activity in the area?

In Brent, the police are (allegedly) so short of numbers that they have to target their resources at those areas where most crime is committed. That’s a rational strategy for the accountants, I guess. We never see police round our way so I wouldn’t want to park anywhere except inside my garage. And the bike is padlocked to the wall and I put a car in front of it. Across the borough there is a fall in reported crime (allegedly) - but I think if a group see easy pickings somewhere they will. like the police themselves, target their resources at that location. Perfectly rational. But none of this rationality is any comfort to those of us who have to live with the consequences. Rent a garage and get a good night’s rest.

Blimey we thought it was just us, since the theft of our Ducati last October and the arrival of OH’s new baby Our sleep has been rubbish, our garden is like Fort Knox we have every security known to man fitted and still at any noise however small and we are awake and up. There’s a baseball bat and an old pick handle by the front door - god help the the person who tries anything, we are taking a family holiday in August which will mean leaving the bikes unattended which is more than worrying, the council have no secure lock ups to hire for the duration so now we are considering perhaps renting a Big Yellow storge space. I really feel for you why the bastewards think they are somehow more intitled to our stuff is beyond me - I wish you luck it sounds like you have done everything you can apart from sitting on it all night!

Hi, Bill, I’m a newbie here, long term lurker though, finally registered to reply to this, I live just past you in Hornsey, and have had my scooter targeted in a “stealing parts to order” problem, along with a neighbour who had parts stolen from his scooter also, back in March.
The thief cased our bikes (I was curious as to why the cover was disturbed one day, well that was the answer) and returned a week later hacking specific parts out. Both of us have removed our scooters from there, as that guy knows where the sweet shop is now. Seemed to be just scooters too, as the motorbikes were all left alone. Hornsey police were helpful to an extent, they’ve pretty much stated it won’t get solved though.

On the other hand, Detective Superintendent Raffaele D’Orsi, from the Met’s operational lead for motorcycle and moped theft and related crimes, is on the lookout

He was on tv last night, in a documentary about the Met.

Some of the mini digital video recorders have a motion detection setting, so they start recording for a predetermined time if they see movement. I do this with my one which faces out from the front of the house.