scala rider and shoei xr100

Has anyone got a Shoei XR100 with a scala rider fm bluetooth headset fitted to it?I am stuck as to where to slot the left hand ear piece wire .Have been told by Feridax who import shoei that the cheek pads just popper in and out but the other bit of material is linked to the inner lining so does not come seems as if it should go up to ear space from base of helmet up between shell and lining ?

any ideas ?

sorry i dont have any pointers to help you…
just wondering how you got on as i may get the Scala Q2 headset and have the same lid :slight_smile:

bluetooth bike to bike would be really cool for my trip to le mans this year

ze mods: maybe this is better in product/q&a? thanks

I’ve got the Scala Rider Bluetooth on my XR1000, it’s relatively easy to fit. All you need to do is take out the cheek pad on the left hand side to run the earpiece wire up to the left hand ear area inside the helmet. The clamp that holds the actual Scala set is clamped between the outer and inner shell on the left hand side of the helmet, and the microphone just bends up the inside at the front. :wink:

Any problems, feel free to collar me at the BMM meet next week and I’ll show you how. Can’t get pictures up on here at the moment due to technical problems. :crazy:

RR :slight_smile:

cheers mate, the reviews tend to be good but i am not sure about the price (steep)
will see how my finances are at the end of the month :slight_smile: