Saw my first Zero today


Pulled up at the lights  on my way to work this morning and waiting there was a very quiet Zero! Didn’t have time to ask him if he’d recommend it. When he pulled away did seem very smooth and progressive!

I think it was the S

Might have to test ride one.


I was quite impressed by the ride, however for me battery life/range is still too short



I think your work is affecting you… :slight_smile:


yeah me too. it was my first thought when I saw the title


Well there were 3 Chinooks flying west over Stratford this morning at 8.15. Anyone see them?


chinook flow low over sarf sutton last night and nearly shook the house to pieces … and good work on the mitsubshi zero !

now as someone who has solar panels I AM interested in a zero 


Anyone here riding a Zero? Any feedback? I commute from north London to Hatfield and think it might be a good bit of fun…


I saw a guy wheeling one through Shoreditch a couple of months ago. Caught me by surprise. Very cool :slight_smile:


Why was he wheeling it and not riding?:flushed:


Think he was just having a bit of fun!


I am interested in a zero but i’d need to get leg extensions, why are they always designed for tall people


And there is me, looking to make my bike even louder…


Might be worth enquiring to see if they have an option to adjust the height down?


Took one for a test ride when they first came out, was impressed but too expensive at the moment still and range is still an issue