savings account bets on Marc Marquez

Spaniards passing their local branch of Catalunya
Caixa, a small savings bank, have recently been faced
with an intriguing offer:

Deposit your savings for 2.9 per cent a year, and get
an extra return for every race won by Marc Márquez,
the Grand Prix motorcycle racing champion.
Those willing to take a flutter on Mr Márquez’s
chances this season could earn up to 4.53 per cent in
interest when customers in other European countries
are receiving as little as a quarter of that.

If that isn’t proof that interest rates are just MADE UP by banks what is…

Yea, I was looking at that recently.
Pity I have no savings.

It’s good to see motorcyclists so popular over here though.
Pedrosa, Marquez and the Pol & Aleix (very Catalan names) Espargaro are all from around here.